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Winter Table Decorations

November 23, 2016

Winter is a coming and that means us northern hemisphere folk are all about to spend a lot more time snuggling up and keeping cosy indoors.

Winter Table Decorations
Winter Table Decorations - Candle

One of the things I love about winter is redecorating the house with winter scents and festive decorations. If it were up to me, our Christmas decorations would be out earlier than the supermarkets but I usually try to restrain myself until at least mid-November! Since my tree is already up (see my tiny tree here), I thought I’d get the table looking nice and festive too!

Winter Table Decorations - Ceramic DecorationsHere are some of my favourite Christmas table decorations which will make your table look lovely for Thanksgiving or the Christmas festivities.


1. Winter scents

I normally prefer to burn candles with fresh scents like sea mist, citrus and light floral scents like jasmine and bluebell. However for the winter months, I love candles woody and spicy scents that are full of cloves, bergamont and figs.

Winter Table Decorations - Candle
Winter Table Decorations - Winter Candle

I love the White Company candles but my favourite has got to be the Winter scent. When I see it appear on their shelves then I know that Christmas is just around the corner!

I didn’t event realise but these candles have a hard wax shell which has the berries and orange feel inside them. When you burn the inside down you’ll be left with a lovely candle shell to put the tea lights in. I can’t wait to see what it look like once it’s burned down!

Winter pillar candle // More scents:  Orange Grove // Pomegranate // Fig & Berry 


2. Candle holders

I don’t have fireplace so in the meantime, candles will be closest I’m going to get to having a toasty fire in my home.

This church is one of my favourites candle holders. You pop in a little tea light into it and it the flame shines through all the church window. This is part of a range which has all different types of buildings such as houses, apartments, cathedrals. I want to build an entire collection of them because they look lovely all sitting together.

Winter Table Decorations - Kahler Urbania
Winter Table Decorations

I also found this tea light house from a little interiors shop in Manly, Sydney and it’s one of my favourite candle holders. Instead of a candle, I have mini string lights in this little house. They fit perfectly and make it look like they have their Christmas tree lights on inside.

Church tea light holder // House tea light holder // Gold tea light holder, old but similar here 


3. Pine Cones

To me, pine cones are the epitome of winter!

Of course you can go collect some in a forest or a park nearby but I bought a big bag of festive pot pourri last year which is full of pine cones.Winter Table Decorations - Pinecones

This isn’t the type of pot pourri you’d find at your Nanna’s house either. Rather the bag smells of warm winter spices like cinnamon, oranges and cloves.

Winter Table Decorations - Pinecones

I either put the pot pourri in a big glass vase or I scatter them around the house. They look the part but they small great too so it’s a win-win!

Pinecone pot pourri


4. Table cloths 

Call me old fashioned but I love a good tablecloth.  As a kid I always volunteered to set the table so I could rummage through all of her  lace and linen tablecloths. So it’s probably safe to say that I got my love for table cloths from my mum.

Winter Table Decorations - Kate & Kate TableclothThis grey and white striped linen table cloth is my all time favourites. It surprisingly makes the room feel more cosy for winter too even though it’s a light colour.

Linen tablecloth


5. Ceramic decorations

I saw these ceramic hearts and stars at the beginning of November and couldn’t resist picking them up.

Winter Table Decorations - Ceramic DecorationsI think they would look lovely hanging off your Christmas tree or even tying them onto presents with a big ribbon.

In the meantime, they look quite cute amongst my other winter table decorations.

Winter Table Decorations - Ceramic DecorationsHearts & Stars

I can’t wait for everyone to get in the jingle swing! I’ve been looking for mulled wine recipes and going to soak my mince pie filling with glugs of brandy this week.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to give your table a wintery touch for the festive season!  A very Merry start of the holidays to everyone!

Winter Table Decorations - Ceramic Star


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