She Is Wild & Fancy Free – Digital iPhone Wallpaper

March 11, 2017

She Is Wild & Fancy Free - iPhone wallpaperHello my pretties and hope you’re enjoying the change of seasons. The sun has been rising earlier in the morning in London lately which has been wonderful to was up to. Now all I need is a little sun to come out! London really does change when the sun comes out. It’s like a different place! People have picnic dinners in the park and the pubs are buzzing with people on the sidewalk afterwork. I’m really looking forward to my second London spring/summer!

Also apologies this months wallpaper is a little late. My screen was getting these funny green tinge all over it so I took it into Apple hospital. 5 minutes with an Apple guy and it was booked in for a free screen replacement. Now that’s what I call service hey?

This months laptop and iPhone wallpaper has the quote: “She Is Wild & Fancy Free’. It embraces the little wild child in all of us. I must admit that sometimes I can be a little too serious for my own good. But then when I do let my hair down and do something unexpected I know I get a real buzz from it! I hope you like it and you download it on your phone or laptop this month.

She Is Wild & Fancy Free - iPhone wallpaper

She Is Wild & Fancy iPhone Wallpaper & Laptop Wallpaper:

iPhone Wallpaper:  Lock Screen with Quote //Home Screen Plain

Laptop Wallpaper: Download here

If you want details on how to upload this post to your phone or laptop then click this post here. Remember to pinch in the screen on your iphone to get the full size print!

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