The Nation’s Capital – Visit & Stay

June 21, 2015

In the second instalment of my visit to the Nation’s Capital I’m going to share some of the best places to visit and stay in Canberra. Stay tuned for some new twins we found on our trip which for a change aren’t monkeys or peacocks!




Parliament House

Of course if you want to go to Canberra then you need to make the obligatory stop in at Parliament House.

Without giving you a history lesson, the Australian Parliament has two houses. The green room is the House of Representatives (which represents community interests) and the red room is the Senate (which represents state and territory interests).

Parliament - House of Reps

I thought I fit in quite well in the House of Reps with my wrap… all I needed was a gabble!

Parliament - Stairway

You can go on a guided tour or you are free to meander around by yourself. If you have time, I would recommend a tour because the guides will tell you about all sorts of interesting tales that have occurred in these hallways.

Apparently Prime Minister Bob Hawke use to order basketball hoops into the great hall when they were working late into the night – what a rebel! Who said politics was boring?!

Parliament House - Sitting


The War Memorial

The Canberra War Memorial opened in 1941 as a tribute to those who Australians who have bravely sacrificed their lives and died in war.War Memorial - Pool of ReflectionIn order to get to the hall of memory, you have to walk past the roll of honour for the 102,000 people who have given up their lives to protect others. You can nestle in a little paper poppy next to a loved one or just as a little thought for someone who has fallen in war.
War Memorial - Roll of Honor2

War Memorial - Poppies

Inside the hall of memory there are some huge stained glass windows and mosaics of soldiers and nurses from the war. The tiling is quite magnificent!

War Memorial - Hall of Memory

♦ The War Memorial – Hall of Memory Rooftop ♦

War Memorial - Hall of Memory2

♦ The War Memorial – Hall of Memory Windows ♦


Under the courtyard is a war museum which is filled to the brim with military history from many different countries and wars. It could quite possibly take you hours to walk around and if you are a history buff then you are sure to enjoy this!

War Memorial - Museum


Pedal Cars:

If you want to do a lot of sightseeing and also have a bit of fun then I would definitely recommend hiring yourself some wheels! We took twins, Kevin & Paul out for a whirl around the Lake which was a real treat!

Pedal Car - Driving

But be forewared!!!! There aren’t any barriers which will prevent you from going straight into the water so make sure you know where your breaks are before you head on down the hill or run into another cart!

Pedal Cars - With A & S

And of course, if pedal cars really aren’t your thing, you can always hire a normal bike or even take a segway tour!


Places to stay:


QT, Canberra

We stayed at the QT, Canberra which looked rather ordinary from the outside but the inside has been given a major revamp and is styled with a little pop culture meets politics. The Urban QuartersThe Urban Quarters

The rooms have all sorts of quirky bits and bobs, including some pic up sticks, an ’emergency bowtie’ in a box and this an Albert Einstein looking pooch.
The Urban Quarters

The Urban Quarters

There is a bar downstairs which is hiding behind the little barber shop where you can get a good old fashioned shave or haircut.

The Urban Quarters

The Urban Quarters

And the Capital Restaurant & Bar has some amazing looking Italian inspired morsels on the menu.The Urban Quarters

I love the QT hotel chains because they are so quirky and cool – Canberra QT is no exception!


Hotel Hotel

Next time I wander down to Canberra I will be booking a room at Hotel Hotel which is the newest kid on the block and offers so much more than a standard hotel.

There is a huge dining area downstairs where you can eat and drink by cosy fires (see more in the Canberra Eats) and there is also a cinema, bike hire, a library and the list goes on!

Hotel Hotel - Entrance

Hotel Hotel - Monster Kitchen

♦ Hotel Hotel – Monster Kitchen ♦

Hotel Hotel - Monster Food

Hotel Hotel - Monster Dining

But I think the real show stopper in Hotel Hotel are the rooms! They look so cosy and I love the pops of Scandinavian inspired furniture and style!

Hotel Hotel - Original Room2

Hotel Hotel - Original Room

And this bathroom oozes industrial chic. Hotel Hotel - Original Room3

I am so excited to stay here when I return back to Canberra – so much so that they might have to drag me out when my stay is up!


I can’t count the number of times that we said that it felt like we were in Washington DC, roaming the streets of Georgetown and riding bikes up the river. Canberra I must say I was impressed – you were surprisingly fun and I think your makeover definitely suits you!

A special thanks @stangers21 and @alishillo for inviting us along on your adult school excursion!

Pedal Cars - Waving


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