Skiing in the Swiss Alps

February 14, 2016

Yodelay-yodelay-yodealy-ee-ooo and a very big hello from the top of the breathtaking Swiss Alps!

I’m sure most of you reading this will have watched the Von Trapp family run through the mountains in the Sound of Music and fell in love with the beautiful Swiss Alps! Whilst the mountains weren’t lusciously green over Christmas, I think they were even better dusted with a heavy cloud of fluffy snow! Swiss Alps - LaaxIt’s taken me a while to get around to editing these photos because #lifegotintheway throughout January but I couldn’t pass up the chance to show you some snaps from the Laax ski resort in Switzerland!

Swiss Alps - Laax

After an amazing weekend in Zurich (read my Zurich post here), we jumped on the train and took an hour ride through the beautiful Swiss countryside to the Laax.
Swiss Alps - Laax

We stayed in the village at the base of the mountain which was so handy because it meant we could drop off our gear in the locker room and head straight for a warm apple cinnamon doughnut followed by an aperol spritzer (or two) every afternoon!

Swiss Alps - Laax

Apparently there hadn’t been a lot of snow fall on the mountain but since we are so used to skiing tiny mountains in Australia full of man made snow, we thought we were in snow heaven! Although we didn’t take out expensive camera gear up the mountain, we did get a few happy snaps on top of the world – just look at that amazing view!

Swiss Alps - Laax

We had a fantastic week skiing and I learnt that I probably have the skills of a 10 year old Swiss child but that didn’t stop me from attempting lots of new tricks and inevitably spending a lot of time rolling like a snowman down the mountain! Swiss Alps - Laax

On the last day before we left the resort there was a huge cloud of snow that covered the mountain and so I dragged out Mr TUQ to take some photos of the beautiful resort.

Swiss Alps - Laax Swiss Alps - Rocks Resort

It stopped snowing once the fog lifted in the morning so Mr TUQ decided we should try to emulate it regardless… It went something like this….

MrTUQ: Just kick the tree with all the snow on it and pretend it’s snow!

Me: Okay (kicks tree, hunks of snow come pelting off the tree and I get soaking wet) – hmph!

Ah – the things I do for a photo!
Swiss Alps - Snow

After our ‘blizzard’, we walked further up the mountain and met some four legged, fluffy friends! I could have easily brought the little brown guy back with me in my suitcase – he had the cutest little tail that wouldn’t stop wagging!

Swiss Alps - PuppySwiss Alps - PuppyWe also saw the sweetest traditional swiss huts with painted shutters scattered across the mountain. Whilst they looked cute, I don’t think I’ll be moving in anytime soon! Brrr!

Swiss Alps - Barn
Swiss Alps - Barn

Of course there must be a lot of wood required to keep all the toasty fires around the village burning and I think we found the local ‘wood’ barn up the mountain.  I couldn’t resist pitching in and helping to stack up the villages wood pile however I don’t think I was very successful – there is an art  to stacking wood and I definitely need some more practice!

Swiss Alps - BarnSwiss Alps - BarnSwiss Alps - BarnThe Laax ski resort is well known for producing sunny skies on the ski fields and of course I took the opportunity to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible because it’s virtually impossible to get any in London at the moment!
Swiss Alps - Laax

However although the sunshine is out, don’t be fooled into thinking you can run around in your t-shirt because it’s still very chilly up on the mountain and you have to stay rugged up –  a fluffy beanie and a warm pair of snow boots are definitely required! #toastytoesSwiss Alps - Laax

Swiss Alps - Snow Boots

Jacket: Zara // Sunglasses: Quay // Cashmere Beanie: Bought locally but similar here // Snow Boots: Crocs

I was rather sad leaving the Alps behind because I could have easily spent another week skiing the mountains in Laax! However now that I know what ‘real’ ski-fields look like, I’m totally hooked and I can’t wait to get back to explore more of the glorious Alps (and potentially improving my skills from a 10 to a 12 year old child!).

Swiss Alps - Snow

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