June 3, 2015

I don’t like surprises because I am a self-diagnosed control freak.

However a few weeks ago D took me by surprise and organised a mystery trip for my birthday. Despite my best attempts to trick him into telling me where we were going, he didn’t crack! The only thing he did show me the night before was the weather forecast (a girl has to pack!) and as you can see below, this mystery destination looked pretty chilly (it’s in degrees C)!
Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.37.08 pm

At 4am on the day of my birthday we got up bleary eyed and jetted to the mystery destination… Tasmania!

Named as one of Lonely Planet’s 2015 must visit destinations, it’s been on the top of my bucket list for a while.

Smolt - Coffee Hobart

Once we arrived in Tasmania we jumped off the plane and were greeted with the cold, crisp air that was forecast. We grabbed a hire car, cranked up the heater and headed into the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart.

Since we had been up for hours, our bellies were rumbling and I was in need of food (HANGRY definitely features as one of my Top 3 moods). We came across this great looking place called SMOLT and settled in for a feast!

Smolt - The Bar

After we had inhaled some delicious coffee (and I started to feel like a human again!), we ordered some delicious food off their Italian/ Spanish inspired menu.

Smolt - Coffee

D ordered the potato & rosemary french toast with house-cured thick-cut bacon and relish.

Smolt - French Toast

And I think I made the best choice and ordered the baked eggs with romesco sauce, sausage, silverbeet, morcillo crumb, parmesan and toasted ciabatta.

Smolt - Baked Eggs

Definitely one of the top breakfasts that I’ve had the pleasure of eating for a while (and I assure you it wasn’t just because I’d been up for 8 hours without eating any food!).

After that scrumptious breakfast we hung out with the locals for a while….

Hobart - Hanging WIth The Locals

And took the opportunity to stretch our legs and wander around this old town…

Hobart - Historic Buildings

Hobart - Walking Around

After our little walk we hopped back in our car, belted out some tunes, ate a packet of sour worms and headed north.

After two and a half hours of wilderness (and next to no phone reception) we arrived at one of Tasmania’s newest wilderness retreats known as Pumphouse Point at Lake St Clair. It was MAGICAL but that’s all I can say for now because I’ve got a whole post on the Pumphouse coming soon.

Here’s a sneak peak in the meantime…

Pumphouse Point - View

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