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String Shelf Unit

January 11, 2019

String Shelf - The Urban QuartersBefore baby Finn came along, we wanted to clear out some of our furniture to make room for the baby paraphernalia that would no doubt spill into our living areas. I have coveted the string shelf for a long time and finally bit the bullet and invested in this beautiful piece of furniture. 

‘Investment’ is the key word here. It isn’t cheap however for me, it was the perfect mix of storage and being able to showcase some of my favourite nick knacks.

As with many pieces of Scandinavian designed furniture, the string system is so functional and versatile. You build your own system to create something that will fit your space. You can choose from white, walnut, oak or black stained ash for the cabinetry. For the shelves can you choose from black or white lacquered steel.


String Shelf - The Urban Quarters
String Shelf - The Urban Quarters


It was a hard decision trying to choose what colour, but in the end I went for the white cabinetry and white floor panels. This suits our space but down the track I’d love the oak cabinetry too.

This area in our home is quite narrow and we didn’t want something too bulky as it would make the space look smaller. The great thing about the shelf is that the sides are very open which still lets in lots of light and opens up the space.

String Shelf - The Urban Quarters
String Shelf - The Urban Quarters

Some more String Shelf inspiration: 

These are some of my favourite gram-ers which have the String Shelf. I love the way you can just change the configuration of the unit and also add to it if you decide to move it around your house.

Kasia from My Full House. Kasia use to have the white cabinetry and recently swapped to the oak coloured cabinetry. I love how she uses the deeper cabinetry to make an office space. It houses a computer perfectly!

String Shelf - My Full House

Charlie from Lottie Is Loving  I love how Charlie has used the shorter side panels to run some storage under her windows. It’s a great way of adding additional storage in a living room or along a hall way.

String Shelf - Lottie Is Loving

Michelle from The Design Chaser. I have followed Michelle from the very beginning of my Instagram life. I absolutely adore her minimalist home with its earthy tones. Michelle regularly changes up the configuration to suit the interesting objects that she has on display.

String Shelf - The Design Chaser


My String Shelf System is made up of:

2 x String Floor panels (200 x 30cm) here

1 x String cabinet here

String Shelf (78 x 30cm) here

The Finnish Design Store have sales every so often where you can get 10-20% off. If you’re in the market for a functional, yet stylish shelf then keep your eyes peeled!

String Shelf - The Urban Quarters
String Shelf - The Urban Quarters

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