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Scandi Living Room Inspiration

October 16, 2017

Scandinavian Living Room Inspiration I was so sad to leave our lovely apartment in London. It really did feel like home so it was difficult to uproot ourselves again. But hey, ho – that’s always the way right?

Anyway I took a few pictures of our living room before the packers whizzed through and shipped everything away and I thought I’d share them with you on the blog!

As with all good things, there are a few stories that go along with how our living room can to be the way it was… So here is the tale of our living room!

Living Room - Before

Not knowing what size apartment we we going to have in the UK, we only bought our three seater couch over from Australia. Before we left AUS, I was well into the process of convincing Mr TUQ that we ‘needed’ a chase lounge. I’ve always preferred to sit or lay on the floor but I was certain is we had a chase then i’d actually use the lounge.

When we got the UK I had almost whittled down poor Mr TUQ but common sense prevailed… there was no point trying to sell the couches separately in two different countries! We also decided to do comparison between energy providers since we are new to the UK. My friend told me Money Expert have some brilliant offers.

Anyway, we decided to make a compromise… I could update the space without getting rid of the couch (for now!). I could update the living room easily, I just had to take a look at something like these gloss TV unit or anything else really.

My first addition to updating our space was a new marble coffee table. I love it so much that I dedicated a whole post to it which you can read here (with plenty more marble coffee table options too!).

Living Room
Living Room

It’s been great for Friday pizza nights so we don’t have to balance plates on our laps and perfect for board game nights with friends too!

After I’d spent so much time in West Elm, I had also fallen in love with contemporary rugs for a feminine sanctuary. Our shaggy rug has served us well – it was great quality but it was feeling a tad old.

Living Room - Before
Living Room - After

I did have a look at other rugs available online but were going to take 12 weeks to order and others I was dubious about the quality. That had me searching for vintage rugs for a time, and whilst I adored those I found it didn’t match the aesthetic I was going for. Meanwhile, my lovely friend, Heidi, had also bought the rug and she convinced me it was great quality so I legged it back to West Elm.

Here is Heidi’s rug by the way!

I did read somewhere online that ‘real’ Beni Ohrain rugs are only meant have tassels on one side. But being a huge fan of tassels, I was actually happy to have tassels on both sides. The more tassels the better in my eyes!

Living Room
Living Room - West Elm Souk Rug

When it arrived I clapped my hands with glee and did several carpet angels on it (like snow angels but in the carpet)! It’s incredibly cosy to lay about on and a perfect fit for an apartment living area.

The rug did shed when we first got it but after a while (and several vacuums later) it sorted itself out. Real woollen rugs are meant to shed but the difference they should still be nice and fluffy after they’ve finished shedding, not left bald because all the material has fallen out.

Living Room
Living Room

I hope you enjoyed seeing some pics of my living room. I’m so excited to get back to our apartment in Sydney and refresh our space there too! We are planning on putting down some floor boards, updating the kitchen and the bathroom cabinets too. I can’t wait to share our plans with you all soon!

Living Room Scandinavian inspiration

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