July 16, 2015

White churches with blue roof tops, crystal clear waters, amazing sunsets over the Caldera and unlimited cocktails by the beach… know this place? Yes you guessed it! I’m talking about the one and only, Santorini!

Santorini Caldera Views Sunset

I could write about Santorini for pages and pages but I don’t think I could ever write well enough to explain the charm of this island. My camera unfortunately died on my trip to Santorini so many of my photos were taken courtesy of my iPhone and @damienlees … but that doesn’t really matter because anyone can take a stunning photo Santorini because its beauty speaks for itself.

Santorini - Blue Door 2 So here is a little picture diary of Santorini and some of my favourite things to do on the island. I hope this little photo diary inspires a little wanderlust in you!

Stay in the rock face of the caldera

We stayed at the lovely Altana in Imerovigli and were absolutely doted on by the twins and owners, Christos and Marios. If you want to experience the ‘local best’ of the island then the twins will ensure you find your way to the most delicious cocktails on the beach, the restaurant with the crispiest calamari and the most gooey saganki cheese and the best place to watch those lusted after sunsets!

Santorini Hotel Altana

Santorini Hotel Altana

Santorini Hotel Altana

Santorini - Altana 1


Sipping cocktails at Perivolos/ Perissa Beach

Although it might sound a little daunting, you have to hire a quad bike and drive yourself down to Perivolos (also known as Perissa) where you can lie on a beach bed sipping endless cocktails. Did I mention you don’t even have to move because the waiters come to serve you – true luxury!

Lunch on the beach typically consists of a juicy tomato salad smothered in local olive oil, wood fired meats and the freshest fish! I would definitely recommend Seaside by Notos for the best mojitos and the cutest day beds!

Santorini Perivolos Perissa

Santorini Perivolos Perissa

Santorini Perivolos Perissa


Walk the coastline from Fira Stefani to Oia

The walk will take you around 3 hours and it gets quite steep and rocky in places so make sure you wear a decent pair of shoes (for reference my open toe sandals were NOT a good idea).

Whilst this is not an ‘easy’ walk, you will be rewarded with some amazing views back over the island and once you reach Oia there are plenty of places to eat and drink away the last three hours of walking!Santorini Oia

Santorini Oia

Santorini Oia

Santorini - Oia 1


Eat the freshest fish and seafood at Amoudi

Take a seat down at Amoudi bay and watch the fisherman bring their morning catch straight up the restaurants. Just make sure you check the price of the fish before you order it… I think I ran into a tourist trap and ended up paying around $120 AUD for a small fish! Eek!

Santorini - Amoudi


Walk the cobblestones from Imerovigli via Firastefani to Fira

Discover the most pristine white buildings with pops of bright blue doors, gates and church rooftops. These stunning views will make you grin from ear to ear and you will have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s all real!

Santorini - StairsSantorini Church

Santorini - Caldera Views 1

Santorini - Caldera Views 6


Swoon over the picturesque Santorini sunsets

You can choose to join the masses who congregate in Oia at sunset, but any place in Imerovigli or Firastefani is also just as amazing to watch the sunset over the caldera! Because many of the restaurants are right on the cliff you can enjoy the view while sipping on a glass of wine or local donkey beer!

Santorini Caldera View Sunset


When I’m asked to explain a time in my life where I was the happiest, my mind automatically flips to a collage of all the Santorini pictures above.

Just looking at all these photos again makes me want to jump on a plane and go right back to this magical island (with a fully functioning camera to take the 50,000 photos that I really wanted to capture). Hopefully there is another trip waiting for me in the not too distant future and in the meantime I’ve got all these pictures to keep my visit to Santorini alive!

Santorini - Caldera Views 2

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