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August 30, 2015

One of my life aspirations has been to pack up my suitcase and jet set off to another country to live abroad. As fate would have it – my wanderlust wishes have come true and I’m so excited to let you all know that Mr TUQ and I will be moving abroad!

About six weeks ago, Mr TUQ got a text from one of the partners in his firm saying he wanted him to transfer to the UK on a special work assignment (sounds very Mission Impossible but I assure you it isn’t!). I thought he would be getting a transfer (just between me and you!), I know how hard he works in his job. Funnily enough though I was thinking it would be to America! So much so that… I looked at real estate there! I even contacted my friend who jumped over to America 5 years ago to talk about it, she was sending me emails about various companies in different states that have properties, I felt like I was conversing with an actual real estate broker because of each email containing links like ‘click here to learn about sacramento real estate‘ and ‘click here to learn about new york real estate’, I was like…wow haha. I think I’ll save those emails because they did have some great properties on them, the wanderlust never stops with me!

Travel FlatlayFast forward 6 weeks and visas have been organised, shipping companies have been arranged (although I’m still in the process of culling boxes shoes and random unidentified objects from the back of my cupboards), we’ve had multiple farewell parties and I’m just starting to get excited about the TUQ adventures ahead!
Flatlay 2Whilst I’m so looking forward to living in the UK, I have come to terms that there are certain things I will miss while I’m there. Here are just a few that come to mind…


1. My beach lifestyle

I live so close to the beach and I’m down there at least once a week enjoying the sun, sand and the fresh sea air.

Throughout most of summer you’re likely to find me down at the beach with my nose in a book or swimming laps. And even in winter I’ve managed to run along the beach in shorts every weekend and enjoy multiple picnics and ice-creams while I soak in the gorgeous horizon!

I’m going to miss my Vitamin Sea!

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Triangl Bikini


2. My mum’s cooking… and my (quasi) sister in law’s cooking.

From gin cured ocean trout, to five layer coffee passionfruit cakes and the creamiest, cheesiest potato dauphinoise – these ladies know how to cook and have put on some of the best feasts I’ve ever had! Please both teleport me food!


Apple Cake


3. Eating at the Boathouse restaurants on the weekends…

Potentially my favourite weekend hangout. And no, I’m not in any way affiliated with them – they don’t know who I am, I just pay them for coffee and food weekly.
The Boathouse The Boathouse Balmoral (1)


4. My Sydney

I’ve been in Sydney since I was 18 and I truly think it’s a wonderful place to live. From food festivals, light shows and amazing fireworks that make you gasp in awe, this city knows how to show you a good time no matter how old or young you are!
Sydney Habour Vivid (1)


5. Catching the ferry home

After a busy day at work, I’m lucky enough to be able to get the ferry home from work and look back over the harbour with the sea breeze running through my hair. This is truly the best way to end the day and did I mention that ride is just long enough for you to order a cheeky beer or glass of wine? What more could you ask for?



6. My family

And especially the little nieces and nephews who are just starting to remember who we are (I am commonly known as ‘uncle’ Jinny to the kiddies). Even though little Myla says “I’m never not going to be your friend anymore” every time we do something that upsets her, I think we will really miss each other!

Kids - Myla 1


But the best thing about this crazy thing called the internet is that I’ll be able to take you all with me on this journey!

Whilst I’ll be leaving Australia behind, I hope you are all excited to come on this amazing adventure with me as I explore the UK, Europe and anywhere the wind takes me!

But in the meantime… back to shifting, sifting and packing everything up! #whattodowithalltheseshoes

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