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Move over Burger & Lobster…

April 16, 2016

Sweet and juicy lobster, botanical cocktails and minimalist Scandinavian design… Move over Burger & Lobster, I’ve found a new lobster joint in town worthy of writing home about! Here’s a fact for all of those lobster lovers (like me)! Did you know that you can get Main lobster tail shipped to your front door! Now if that isn’t a winner, I don’t know what is.

Move over Burger & Lobster...After romping around the Columbian Road Flower Markets (see all the flower power action here), we wandered through the hip and happening streets of Hackney up to the Lobster Bar.

Lobster Bar

Whilst the lobster is the star of the show, the cocktail menu if also worth drooling over. Cocktails LondonIt’s got a very sea-shanty theme with cocktails such as Under the Sea (pisco, lemon juice, cointreau with a red wine reduction), Sea Juleps (Pisco, cinzano, lime juice, thyme, sugar) and Crazy Water (Pisco, dry sherry, lime, narjoram Syrup, ancho reyes). I settled on a botanical gin sour that was as pretty as it was tasty!
Lobster Bar LondonLobster Bar

We started with some delicious oysters with chilli and cucumber vinaigrette – such a delicious combination that I’m definitely going to try to re-create at home!

Lobster Bar London Lobster Bar London

Although I was tempted by the lobster for lunch, I saw someone get the lobster benedict and I got major food envy!

Lobster Eggs Benedict

I’m not usually a fan of eggs benedict but this was really something else.

Lobster Bar London

Creamy benedict sauce, deliciously sweet lobster, perfectly oozy eggs and some crunchy sourdough. A shell of a good combination!

Lobster Bar London

Mr TUQ couldn’t go past the half grilled lobster with delicious salty chips.

And I couldn’t go past stealing a few of them… hot chips are my nemesis!

Lobster Bar London

For good measure I also got my tongue into a few of the claws to suck out every single piece of meat possible. I’m usually more of a crab person but these British lobsters have left me hanging for more!

Lobster London

We devoured all our food and thought it rude not try a few more cocktails off the menu too. Lobster Bar

Lobster Bar

Feeling a little light headed and very fully, we wandered back home through the cool streets of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch London Shoreditch London

I had a clawfully good afternoon sipping on cocktails and eating succulent lobster and give it 5/5 claws! If you’re in London then do yourself a favour a book yourself a table at Lobster Bar here!

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