May 24, 2015

“When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come true” – Disney

Last Sunday we jumped in the car and headed off to the Museum of Contemporary Art (also known as the MCA) to see the Light Show exhibition. The MCA is located down in the heart of Sydney Harbour at Circular Quay and always puts on some amazing exhibitions that even those without an ‘artsy’ eye can enjoy.MCA Arrow

Well the Light Show was amazing but unfortunately no digital devices were allowed (slightly devastating). Luckily the Luminous exhibition was on at the same time and digital devices were allowed (hooray!).

On one side of the exhibition was a rather cool disco room with fluorescent lights that made you felt like you were heading onto a 70s dance floor.

Coloured Lights

And then we landed on this little goldmine or should I say star mine! I just wanted to lay down and pretend I was gazing up at the starry night sky!

To The Left of The Star Trail

>Light Contrast

Look at the beautiful reflections the lights leave on the floor. It was like you were standing on a lake with stars glistening down all around you – quite magical really! An abundance of stars to make a little wish upon!

Luminous Light

Whilst not strictly part of the exhibition – this is the entrance to the MCA and fits in swimmingly with all the other light showcases.

Silver dot wall

And looking at all that art is hungry work so we made our way up to the rooftop and sat down to enjoy the spring sunshine and some tasty food! I always forget how amazing the view is from the rooftop cafe – it has to be one of the best vantage points of the Sydney Harbour!

Rooftop View of Opera House

MCA Rooftop Collage


And that was the end of our lovely lazy afternoon. Autumn in Sydney is such a lovely time of year in Sydney and it was perfect day for our little light adventure. Until next time MCA…

Outside the MCA

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