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August 7, 2017

Zilvi, Ivory Fawn, Kirei Handmade

I have been pining a few things that I’ve seen pop on my Instagram and Ello accounts. The only problem is that they were all lovely Aussie brands and due to a combo of Aussie Post, the Indian Ocean and Royal Mail, things don’t have a good track record at reaching me here in the UK.

So one day I went on a bit of a spending spree, thinking I would get everything bundles up and sent to me.

The Urban Quarters - Desk Inspiration

I immediately knew who I would ask to help me. Despite being a thirty something year old woman, I knew my Dad would come to my rescue (as always!). Even if he did think I was being ridiculous, he rounded up all the packages and worked out a shipping arrangement that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. Over the course of a few weeks I got these messages…

Papa: “Hi bloss… hair band came today although I think it’s too small for my head”.

Me: “Any sign of the bag? Tracking said they’d dropped it off today”
Papa: “Didn’t see it… let me get the torch and see if I can find it.”
5 minutes later…
Papa: “Found it under the verandah, good hiding spot”

Me: “Me again… I think I shipped the wooden feathers to the wrong address. You’re number 14 right? 🤦🏻‍♀️”
Papa: “No we’re 42. I’ll make a trip to the neighbours tomorrow… what did you say it was again?”
Me: “Wooden feathers”
Papa: 🙄
(In my defense, my parents have moved while I’ve been away)

Anyway you get the drift… it was a process. So an official TUQ thank you Papa for making this post possible!

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The Urban Quarters - Ivory Fawn

Luckily, everything arrived safely with my last week when I got back from France. I couldn’t resist a mini-haul of these lovely new things. Perhaps it’s a little strange to admit, but I get a huge sense of pride when local Aussie brands create products that are loved by people all around the world. It shows what talented little  humans Aussies are (and what excellent taste they have as well)!


The Ivory Fawn

Look. At. This. Bag… Big heart eyes for this gorgeous bag! When this turned up on the doorstep at my parents house, my mum told me she used to have one just like this when she was twenty-something. Unfortunately that’s not one of the items she kept in the dress up box with the sequin shrugs and fake pearls.

The Urban Quarters - Ivory Fawn
The Urban Quarters - Ivory Fawn

I found The Ivory Fawn on Ello a few weeks back and it was love at first sight! As soon as the bag came back in stock I snapped it up. Although I did ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ over which bag I wanted as they have so many different shapes and sizes. In the end, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a lovely round ‘Ivory Moon’ bag.

I’ve had a few questions about the quality of this bag as I know there are cheaper alternatives out there. In this instance, I’m very happy to report that you do get what you pay for. The detailing on this bag is incredible. There aren’t any scraggly pieces of straw hanging out, it’s well stitched and the straps and buckles are all real leather. This bag has been crafted with lots of love – it’s perfect!

The Urban Quarters - Ivory Fawn
The Urban Quarters - Ivory Fawn

My Ivory Moon bag here // Also love this longer rectangular bag here and this horizontal rectangular bag here // I mean, how many straw bags is it acceptable to have?


I have had my eyes on these gorgeous Zilvi products foreverrrrrrr! But I always felt a tad guilty just shipping a few wooden feathers all the way from AUS. So when I decided to buy a few other things, I knew I had to pop these Zilvi items in my package.

Lovely New Things - Zilvi Wooden Cutouts
Lovely New Things - Zilvi Wooden Cutouts

Zilvi make cute feather mobiles, but I decided to buy the individual feathers. I think they’ll be great for styling, but they also look super cute in this elephant too! Ditto with the monstera leaves for when I’m going for more of a tropical vibe. Speaking of monstera leaves, that one below has lasted for over a month now. If you want a resilient leaf for a jar at home, then that’s definitely a winner!

Lovely New Things - Zilvi Wooden Cutouts
Lovely New Things - Zilvi Wooden Cutouts

Mini Monstera Leaves here // Mini Feather Wooden Cutouts here

Zilvi also do very these cute wooden log milestone engravings (see here) and lovers initial name plaques (see here) – both great celebration gifts for babies, house warming or wedding presents!


Kirei Handmade 

I think Kirei Handmade was another great find from Ello! Kirei have the cutest felt handmade flower crowns for little ones. Although I don’t have any little beings, my little flowers are a great addition for my styling kit. The felt is made from merino wool so it’s got a lovely soft texture and the pastel colours are beautiful.  It’s actually not too far off the colours I’m going for my wedding!

Lovely New Things - Kirei Handmade Flower Crown
Lovely New Things - Kirei Handmade Flower Crown

Small Flower Crown here // They also have very cute cake toppers here and Alphabet Letters with felt flowers here


I hope you enjoyed this mini haul of my lovely new things! If there are any other brands you think I’d love then please let me know down in the comments below!

Zilvi, Ivory Fawn, Kirei Handmade

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