Interior Style


May 10, 2015

I saw this photo on pinterest a while ago and had a mild heart flutter.

This guest room has been styled by the talented interior design guru, Tamara Magel. Did I mention it’s also in the Hamptons? I frequently swoon over this room and its amazing texture and light!

Whilst it might be some years (and by some I mean an infinite ‘some’) before I own real estate big enough to replicate this gorgeous room, I have found a way to have a little Magel style in my home by conjuring up the little LoVE symbol by the bedside.

After tapping away at the keyboard in search of this little symbol, the best I could find were several cake toppers. When I thought my chances of getting hold of this symbol were over, I can across this little guy in Typo.

Love Transformation

I immediately swopped him up and took him home for a golden makeover! Add a little good quality gold spraypaint and voila! I had my own little piece of the Hampton’s guest room!

Love on shelf

My little symbol has been travelling all around my place – here are a few little pictures of him sitting pretty! One of the easiest DIY interior design projects I’ve ever attempted (and so much gold spray paint left over… what to spruce up next? Ideas anyone?)

Love in the house

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