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May 31, 2017

The Urban Quarters - Peggy Porschen Cupcakes
The Urban Quarters - Eiffel Tower Paris

Hello lovelies, remember me? My blog has been on a temporary hiatus for the last two months while I’ve been manically running around enjoying life. 

So here is a 2 minute version of what I’ve been up to… 

At the beginning of April made a seven day trip to Australia to see our friends, Colin & Sally tie the knot. It was such a fabulous wedding and we were far too busy enjoying ourselves to even take some snaps. We then spent the next 5 days running around catching up with family and friends that we hadn’t seen in 1.5 years. Queue loads sunshine selfies:

Life Lately - The Urban Quarters
Life Lately - The Urban Quarters

After that trip we went straight back to #workworkwork – Mr TUQ and I were going on some big projects and deadlines and we were like ships sailing in the night for a few weeks.

Then we realised that we had pre-booked tickets to Paris at the end of April. So Mr TUQ and I jumped on the Eurostar one Friday afternoon and chooffed off to Paris for a weekend. We tried to fit in some early morning photography and late nights gooing over the eiffel tower lights (post coming on this ‘soon’ but here is a sneak peak). 

Merci Paris
Luxembourg Gardens Paris

Oh and somewhere during all this madness I managed to do a photoshoot for the lovely Isla Apothecary Team. Have a look at their beautiful all natural, hand-crafted skincare products here.

Isla Apothecary Photoshoot

Then after a bit more #workworkwork, I was back on another plane. This time I was off on a work trip to Marabella in Spain. Naturally this involved a little too much wine and too many late nights. At this point, my immune system decided to kick it and I ended up with another barking cough.

Last week I celebrated becoming another year older, bought a wedding dress and designed our wedding invitations. Even with a wedding planner, this wedding business takes up a LOT of time. I’ll never take another wedding for granted again!

Wedding DIY Place setting
Wedding DIY Place setting

Speaking of weddings, I’m writing this post on way way to another wedding. Our friends Jeff and Amanda are getting married in Kauai this weekend and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with them. 

Edit: I’m actually finishing this post back home so here are some cheeky pictures of the happy couple.

Jeff & Amanda Wedding
Jeff & Amanda

Phew… so I hope that explains my absence!

So here we are…  And I thought I would just take 10 minutes to share some pictures from my birthday because who doesn’t love a celebration? As always, Mr TUQ spoilt me rotten and let me do exactly what I wanted, without complaint!

First stop of the day was Peggy Porschen. Peggy’s is well known for two things. The first is their amazing cake decorations and the second is their pink building (i.e. totally instagrammable). Despite is being a rather miserable day, Peggy’s was looking very cheerful and all dolled up for the Chelsea Flower Show.

Poggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen

Afterwards we headed down to Chelsea for a little indulgent shopping. Then Mr TUQ wizzed me into the Hermes shop under a guise of trying to find a wedding tie. Then a few minutes later I was walking out of the shop with a coveted Hermes bangle. #spoiltrotten

Naturally, being the crazed person I am, I had to take this beauty home for a photoshoot!

Hermes Clic Clic Enamel Bracelet White
Hermes Clic Clic Enamel Bracelet White
Hermes Clic Clic Enamel Bracelet White

For dinner, we made our way over to Padella which is the best Italian I’ve had outside of Italy. We went there for my birthday last year as well so it’s somewhat of an tradition now! 

Here are some clips from my insta-stories which captured all the deliciousness!

As all good things in London, you have to queue… but this is WELL worth the wait! If you’re in London, get your rumbling belly down there!

Oh and speaking of birthdays, it was my blog’s 2nd birthday in May too. So happy birthday little blog and thank you everyone for supporting The Urban Quarters!

Much love! x

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