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Granary Square Brunching

November 23, 2015

A few weekends ago we met some Aussie chums in Granary Square for a bit of brunch and a mosey around the new development which is filled with restaurants, bars and shops.

If you’re from Sydney, then Granary Square is probably the closest thing to The Grounds of Alexandria that I’ve come across in London (minus Kevin Bacon the Pig and other farm animals that live there).

Granary Square

Granary Square is a redeveloped industrial site so there are some very cool facades around – perfect for posing for a few snaps! (Reach higher Mr TUQ!).

Granary Square

I love the look of this spray painted green forest wall – I had the feeling that there might be a little door to Narnia behind here somewhere!Granary Square

Trench: Similar here and here   //  Jeans: Nobody Denim   //   Top: Sold out but similar here and here   //  Sunglasses: Quay   // Scalf: Similar here // Bag: Coach similar here


We had originally planned on going to the cafe Caravan, but unfortunately we were going to have to wait over 1.5 hours which our bellies couldn’t fathom… So we stopped in next door at the very cute Grain Store instead.

Grain Store Granary Square

The menu at Grain Store is inspired by chef Bruno Loubet’s travels and his love of his veggie patch. A lot of the food is based on grains and pulses and there is an array of pickled, smoked and fermented veggies on the menu too.

Grain Store Granary Square

As a former vegetarian of 10 years, I am never worried by an overload of veggies on a menu but for those of you that can’t live without your Kevin Bacon… there are some very authentic American hotcakes served with a side of bacon and lashings of maple syrup (that tempted most of our table!).

Grain Store

And of course I was the black sheep and went with the baked butterbeans with butternut squash with scrambled eggs and Turkish bread. Naturally it was washed down with a coffee in the cutest minty green cup!

Grain Store Granary Square

I can just imagine this place must buzz in the summer when you can sit outside with a glass of prosecco and enjoy fountains in the square, the garden patch and the summer sun!
Grain Store Granary SquareOn our way out, we decided we could grab a coffee from Caravan because we are all coffee fiends!

For all things Australia is or is not, I would have to say that Australia makes some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted in the world and  we are all really missing a good cuppa! Luckily Caravan definitely delivered – the coffee was creamy, strong and all around delicious!

Caravan Granary SquareThe boys decided that since it was well after noon that they would also treat themselves to a beer to accompany their coffee…

Caravan Granary SquareAnd I hunted down some more minty green coffee mugs (although I’m secretly coveting the grey cups – hint hint Santa!).
Caravan Granary SquareCaravan Granary SquareBellies full and coffee fix completely satisfied, we bid Granary Square good bye and got back on our Boris bikes to work off our brunch and make our way home.

Granary SquareI’m already thinking about the next brunch date so I can go back and try the delicious share plates and puddings on the menu at Caravan (and if you go – let me know if you find a secret entrance on that forest wall!).

Granary Square

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