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Finn’s Nursery

April 29, 2019

Finn's Baby NurseryPutting Finn’s nursery together was one of the most exciting interior projects I’ve ever done. After all, who wouldn’t love creating a magical sanctuary for a little person to enjoy?

I have to admit that I was saving cute nursery inspo looooong before I become pregnant or before we even ‘at that stage’ in our lives. I wouldn’t say I am superstitious but I was very pre-cautious about buying bits and bobs for the room until my little man was well on his way to becoming ‘cooked’. Also, as this was a guest room beforehand, we decided to keep it that way for as long as possible so none of our larger guests were forced to sleep in the cot! Then at the end of my second trimester, we did a massive furniture re-jiggle/ sent things off to my parents house in storage to make way for baby Finn (or Fundas as we were calling him back then).

Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery

If you read my pregnancy updates, then you will know that I found out I was having a boy at 13 weeks.  However, regardless of whether he was a boy of a girl, I was pretty sure I wanted a wood/ grey and white combo. Something I’d always wanted to do in this room was paint the walls grey and have white trims on the doors and trims. The room gets loads of natural sunlight and can withstand the darker grey walls (all details linked below). After sampling about 100 greys on the wall, bump and I started painting away.

After painting the walls, the first thing we bought for the room was the cot. We had been looking at a few styles but one day Mr TUQ just came home with it in the back of the car! He was a man on a mission and I think he felt better that at least Fundas  would have somewhere to sleep if he decided to come early. First time parent fail: the baby (aka Finn) still sleeps in a bassinet in our room. Didn’t really think this through 😉

Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery

We also got blackout blinds installed as he does do some of his day sleeps in here. Regardless of what people say about day/night confusion, I would 100% recommend getting some or buying those portable window coverings if you’re in a rental. We’ve found blackout blinds have been the key for good long sleep (i.e. it’s really boring looking in the dark so I’ll go back to sleep).

The nursery chair was also a bit of a bone of contention. My mum said, “Don’t buy a rocking chair, it will make you sick” and as someone who frequently gets motion sickness, I am glad I didn’t. I also googled “rocking chair pros and cons” and people said they can increase the risk of you falling asleep with the baby in your arms/ little fingers can get stuck under them later on. However I know other people swear by them – so it’s all personal choice. So I went on a princess and the chair travel show, dragging poor Mr TUQ around to loads of stores. I finally went with the chair I’d originally loved in the first place which has a nice high back and perfect for feeding/ reading.

Finn's Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery

Since the walls were grey, I decided to inject a bit of colour with the dark blue canopy and a beautiful Little Connoiseur cushion. Since Fundas didn’t have a name then, I just got “Little Star” personalised on his cushion. The details on the cushion are so beautifully crafted and I know it’s a piece that will continue to grow with him.

I wanted to keep the cabinet which was already in the room because it was relatively new and the wood tone matched the cot. However another thing that I didn’t know pre-baby was that change mats are made so wide! Which after a bit of thought, totally makes sense because you obviously don’t want your baby rolling off the change mat. After searching high and low, I found a thin-ish one and Mr TUQ made a wooden box for it which I painted white.

As the cabinet doesn’t have many drawers, we put in white rope baskets to help organise the space in there. We also had two big storage baskets which we use for extra toys and blankets. I still haven’t come to grips with the primary & secondary colour palette toys so we usually pop them in the bottom and put the nice toys on top. This is why I love storage baskets – they’re functional and pretty too!

Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery


Our favourite things in the nursery:

Finn's Baby Nursery

Jinny’s favourite:
This is hard but I’d have to say the removable wall decals. The decals give the effect of wallpaper but can be easily removed/ changed. A win-win if you change up your mind as often as I do! I spaced my individual confetti dots quite far apart but you can decide how close and what direction they go in. They have so many amazing decals on their site from rainbows to woodland animals and trees and all different colours too. They even look great in other rooms if you want to change up your walls without committing to wallpaper. Also great for something fun and not permanent in rentals!

Finn’s favourites:

He has four, which is perfectly acceptable because it is his room after all 🙂

1. The fairy lights above the change table which we turn on for his baby massage after his bath

2. The little cardigan hanging up next to the change table. He has loved reaching out for this ever since he was teeny tiny. I was always thinking I’d dangle a little mobile from the shelf but he loves the cardigan there so much, it’s staying there for the moment!

3. The mobile above his crib which was a gift from his aunty. Finn is mesmerised by the dangling stars and babbles away at it all the time.

4. His book basket. My little book worm adores books and will happily sit through as many books as you will read to him.

Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery

Mr TUQ’s favourite: 

He says the cot. Funny that (see comment above re: purchasing it)… But in all seriousness, he loves the style and tone of it and so do I!

I’m also going to do a post on our fourth trimester favourites soon where I’ll pop in some of our other faves like our playmat and his favourite toys etc. In the meantime, I’ve linked all the products below. Pop over to my Instagram if you have any questions you want to ask about the nursery.

Finn's Baby Nursery
Finn's Baby Nursery

Nursery details:

Finn's Baby NurseryRoom details:

  • Sheer curtains – here (We have uneven floors/walls so we got the experts in to do a tailored drop. If you have an even height from floor to wall you can easily get them online)
  • Blackout blinds – here
  • Paint colour – Dulux Snow season 1/2

Furniture details:

  • Cot – here and here
  • Cabinet – here (actually a side board but works perfectly!)
  • Armchair – here (nice high back and lots of colours)
  • Cushion – here
  • Change mat – here and cover – here
  • Rug – here but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like pieces of fluff constantly floating all around your house.


  • Cot quilt – here (also available in grey, white and dusty rose)
  • Cloud cushion – here

Wall items: 

  • Canopy – here and here
  • Dots – here (and so many other amazing options)
  • Shelf – here
  • Woylie Woo print – here
  • Animal heads – elephant here – rabbit here
  • Noah’s ark print – here
  • Frames – here

All the little details: 

  • Play gym – here
  • Cloud/star mobile – here
  • Soft toys – most here (they have an amazing selection of toys). Knitted lamb here (they support artisan makers in Peru and every doll provides ten meals to children across the world)
  • Little moccasins – here
  • Milestone plaques – here
  • Rope book basket – sold out but similar here and here

Finn's Baby Nursery

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