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Family Feast

July 30, 2015

My family are massive foodies and whenever there is something to celebrate, we always ensure we celebrate with a feast! Naturally my second family (aka my boyfriend’s) also love cooking, delicious food and a good drop of wine! So when my boyfriend’s sister asked us over to christen her new dining table with some scrumptious food, we jumped at the opportunity!

On The Table 2If you go check out Tamaiya’s Instagram (here) you will see why it’s always a good idea to accept an invitation to eat at her place… This lady is the most amazing baker, think Donna Hay, Adriano Zumbo, Katherine Sabbath all rolled into one!
On The Table 5

So this is the gorgeous new table we had the privilege of christening… It has given me major table envy and I’m seriously contemplating getting one too! (Unintentionally all wearing stripes!)

On The Table 4

To start off the procession, we popped some pink bubbles (if you like champagne and pinot noir – you’ve got to try the Bird In Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir!)

On The Table 1

And then for main course we were served up the biggest, juiciest burgers. Tamaiya’s husband, Dan, is the king of comfort food and knows how to satisfy the hungriest of guests.

Jamie Oliver Burger 4This delicious looking morsel is Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger and insane it is! Dan made his own mince and topped off the burger with Jamie’s ‘burger sauce’ stuffed with chipotle, ketchup, mayo and lettuce and a large hunk of melted red leicester cheese. And bacon for everyone else except me (#donteatpigorduck- what’s wrong with me)!Insanity Burger Jamie Oliver Burger 2

Naturally, he also served up the burger with Heston’s thrice cooked chips. I can safely say that these are the BEST chips I’ve ever had – full stop. They are a regular feature at our place because this recipe is foolproof at delivering the crunchiest and fluffiest of chips!

Heston's Thrice Cooked ChipsAnd as the sauce ran down our arms, we tried to avoid getting it all over the new placemats and napkins…. some of us (the girls) did a lot better job than others (the boys!).Jamie Oliver Burger 5

After our insanity burgers we had some more bubbles to help our food digest… and then started prepping to plate up the gorgeous Donna Hay Peanut Butter Cheesecake that T had whipped up!

Donna Hay Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Just look how pretty this this cheesecake is! Piping skills to die for!

Donna Hay Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Cheesecake 10

Naturally the food went on their wedding dining set from Vera Wang which makes everything feel just that touch more special!

Cheesecake 1

Donna Hay Peanut Butter Cheesecake

At one stage we did catch a little thief roaming around the table stealing people’s cream topping…

Cheesecake 18

But that didn’t matter because there was plenty left over and we were so full that our belly’s ached!

Cheesecake 13

Cheesecake 15

I count my lucky stars that I have two families that love to share our time together over tasty food. Thanks T&D for an amazing luncheon – we will come back any old time!

PS – Who agrees that these two should open their open cafe?!

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