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Doughnut aka Donut

May 31, 2015

Confession: I have a love affair with doughnuts.

I generally don’t have a sweet tooth and could easily pass up any type of cake, chocolate, lollies or dessert, but show me a doughnut and I’m licking my lips and already mentally devouring it in my head.

The Cook & Baker - Cinnamon2

Whilst Melbourne is generally known to be the ‘doughnut’ town, Sydney also has a few doughnut tricks up its sleeves too. Here are a few of my favourites (warning: this post might make you get a little hungry!).


1. Brewtown Newtown

Tucked away in a side street of Newtown, Brewtown Newtown is a little gem which draws a crowd for their mouthwatering food and specialty brewed coffee. Whilst there is usually a queue that lines the street to eat here, you can head straight upstairs to their onsite doughnut bakery to get your fix.

Brewtown Newtown - Selection

They bake about twenty different types of doughnuts, cronuts and everything in between, including their very own ‘brewnut’. Some of the many flavours on the menu include the salted caramel and popcorn cruffin, peanut butter & jelly cruller and the florentine brewnut. Making a decision to find the right doughnut is extremely difficult… which is why you’ll probably leave with more than one!


Brewnuts patiently waiting to be iced

Brewtown Newtown - Uniced


Nutella cruffin and salted caramel macadamia brewnut

Brewtown Newtown Brewnut


Photos done, time to eat!

Brewtown Newtown - Eating



2. The Cook & Baker

The Cook & Baker is a little shop on Oxford Street, Bondi Junction which is filled to the brim with all types of sweet and savoury bakery treats. Their signature doughnut is a brioche bun stuffed to the brim with house-made raspberry jam and vanilla custard cream (there is no pretty way of eating this without getting icing sugar and cream all over your face, but goodness it is worth it!).

The Cook & Baker - Boxed Special

They also do a delicious take on a classic cinnamon doughnut with rapadura sugar. For those that object to doughnuts (who are you?!), there are also a myriad of other flourless, white chocolate, red velvet, carrot somethings to satisfy your sugar cravings.


The Cook & Baker signature doughnut

The Cook & Baker - Special


Cinnamon & rapadura sugar doughnut

The Cook & Baker - Cinnamon



3. The Grounds Doughnut Stand

The Grounds is like a little country fair tucked away in the industrial suburb of Alexandria. In and amongst the barn (featuring the local pig, Kevin Bacon), the flower stand and the old fashioned burger joint is a cute little doughnut stand. These little morsels are more like doughnut holes but don’t let that trick you into thinking they won’t be as good as a ‘holey’ doughnut.

The Grounds Alexandria - Doughnut Stand2

Pop in your order and watch your little doughnut be fried, rolled around in cinnamon sugar and then get stuffed to the brim with your choice of raspberry jam or nutella. Eat them all up while they are hot and the nutella is still oozing down your arm!


Getting fried up!

The Grounds Alexandria - Frying


Cinnamon coated doughnuts stuffed with raspberry jam

The Grounds Alexandria - Jam Doughnut


Nutella and cinnamon doughnuts

The Grounds Alexandria - Doughnuts


The best spot at The Grounds to eat your doughnut!

The Grounds Alexandria - Sitting on the truck


Now I do suspect when professional food editors do foodie posts like this, they bring the goods back to the office to share with everyone. “Unfortunately” I do not have an office of people waiting at home to eat my doughnuts so I do-nut think that I’ll be doughnut shopping for a while… however I may need to head to the shops to buy a moo-moo dress or upsize my jeans!

Brewtown Newtown - Brewnut2


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