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September 5, 2015

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a box of card making supplies handy because I love putting together hand made cards for my family and friends. 

I’ve joined together with the team at Inky Co (aka wrapping paper heaven) to put a little DIY card making tutorial together for you so you will also be able to make beautiful cards for everyone you love!

Roll Wrap (2)

Bucket bag: Ferm Living / Paper: Inky Co 


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make these cards – in fact you can simply use some of this gorgeous wrapping paper, some cardboard, a cutting knife and some glue to make beautiful cards for all!Roll Wrap (1)



1. Take an envelope (I’ve got these gorgeous Kate Spade envelopes but any old envelope will do) and use a cutting knife to gently tear it apart. This will become your template for making your own envelope.

Kate Spade Card Envelope 1

2. Use bluetack to stick down your envelope onto the cardboard and then trace around the envelope. Envelope 3

3. Then carefully cut out the envelope with your cutting knife which will give you nice sharp edges (and watch your fingers because these knives are sharp!). Once you’ve cutout your envelope template then very lightly score the cardboard to make the creases where the envelope should fold. Envelope 4

4. Fold along the cutting lines towards the middle of the envelope.  Envelope 5

5. My Kate Spade envelope has a colour insert which I traced around, however if you don’t have one of these then never fear! Use your envelope template as a base and cut 5mm from the edges to make the colour insert.  Envelope 6

6. Then glue down your insert onto your envelope template.
Bunting Card 1

7. Lastly glue the three bottom flaps of the card together and then your envelope will be complete!Envelope 7

8. For the card, you need to measure it up against your envelope so it fits snuggly inside. Cut the card about 5mm less than the envelope on the width and length. Bunting Card 3

And here is where the real fun begins! I’ve put together four little card ideas below but if you search search on pinterest, you are bound to find a myriad of cards you can create!



These bow tie cards are perfect for the males in your life and would be a lovely card for your Dad this Father’s Day.  For these cards I’ve used the Black Stripe, Tassellate Black wrapping paper.

And here are the tutorials I used make the bow ties to pop on the front of my cards: Origami bow tie / 3D bow tie

Bow Tie Card 1Bow Tie Card 7 Bow Tie Card 15

These little guys fit in perfectly with my desk too!Bow Tie Card 11


2. Hearts

Hearts are simple and are perfect for any occasion. Here is a simple Origami Heart tutorial which I’ve used to fold with the Eco Splash Indigo wrapping paper.
Blue Heart 7 (3)

And of course cards for your loved ones are always better when delivered with some pretty flowers and a coffee in bed!Blue Heart 1 (1)


3. Bunting

These little bunting cards are probably the easiest to make and great for a baby shower or a engagement party! I’ve used lots of different pretty pink paper for the bunting – Micro Hot Pink DotEco Co Flower Bomb, Hot Pink Gloss – but of course use whatever colour you think your friends will like!
Bunting Card 6 Bunting Card 5Bunting Card 7

Bunting Card 11 (2)


4. Floral

The Eco Co Flower Bomb and the Eco Botanical paper are perfect for making cards for your girliest of friends! I have cut around some the flowers on the paper and cut out a butterfly to give it a nice little fluttery 3D effect.

Floral Card 8Floral Card 5Floral Card 9I hope you will use this DIY tutorial to get inspired to whip up a few cards. They are cheap, easy to make and will mean a lot to the person you’re giving them to!

And a big thanks to the team at Inky Co for the beautiful paper that inspired me to make these cards – check out their website for a huge range of wrapping paper – you are sure to find something to match any occasion!

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