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Desenio Prints + Discount Code

March 21, 2017

Desenio PrintsDesenio would have to be one of my most visited websites lately. Not only do they have a huge selection of prints on their website but their prices are really affordable as well.

i.e. No excuses for bare walls!!!

Desenio Prints

Desenio Prints
Desenio Prints

I had been buying up a stack of Desenio prints for a while now. While many of the prints have a Scandi vibe, there are many other styles too. There are some great quote prints and some boho and beachy prints too. There are even prints for the kiddies!

If you struggle to match prints for your walls then take a look at their Perfect Pair section. They have already matched up prints that work well together which saves you from having to match them up yourself. They also have a great Gallery Wall Inspiration section too which shows you how to pair different print sizes together.

I personally like to play around the images myself in Illustrator to see how my new and existing prints will all look together.

Desenio Prints

Their frames are really lightweight too because they have perspex instead of glass panels. This is great if you want to hang them with sticky hooks instead of drilling holes into walls. It also means when you do a dodgy job at sticking up the sticky hooks (ah-hem… me) and the frames do come crashing down, then you don’t end up with shards of glass all over the floor. Le sigh…

Desenio Prints
Desenio Prints

Some of my more expensive prints have been professionally framed with dust covers on the back of them. That’s great for protecting expensive prints but it means it’s harder to change up your frames without spending time and money replacing hooks on walls.

The Desenio prints range from £2.95 to £22.95 (excluding the hand picked range) which means you can buy one set of frames and easily change up the prints. I keep multiple prints stacked in one frame and then just swap them out when I’m feeling like a change.

Desenio Gallery Wall

So as you can probably tell, I really love this brand! The Desenio Team have very kindly provided a discount code so you can some lovely prints for your home too!

Get your Desenio Discount Code – 25% off

Dates: Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd March (GMT)

Code: Just enter theurbanquarters at the checkout to apply your discount *

* Note this offer doesn’t include the handpicked range of prints but there are so many more to choose from!

Desenio Prints
Desenio Print

Now all you have left to do is measure up your walls and make the very difficult decision about which prints to choose! Good luck styling away!

Desenio Prints
Desenio Prints

Thank you for Desenio for providing some of these prints (others were purchased by me because I genuinely love this brand!)


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