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Creating whimsical light with a bedsheet

November 30, 2017

How to create whimsical lightHi lovelies!

So this week has been incredibly fun! We (actually I) have been fixing up and renovating our apartment. We happily lived in that apartment for a few years but since we’ve been back we’ve realised our tastes have now changed. So it’s time for a makeover. I’ve basically been hanging out at Bunnings every day (the paint guys know my name) and I love getting my hands dirty!

In and amongst it all, I’m also hosting a Creatively Squared competition this week. The theme is refresh. This means you can post an image which has anything to do with refreshing your home, mind, body and soul!

To me refreshing conjures up white, clean, fresh pictures with tonnes of natural light. So with that in mind, I’ve written a blog post on how to take whimsical pictures using only a bed sheet! Yes that’s right, a plain white bedsheets, your camera and window light is all you’ll need!

This is the before and the after shot:

Whimsical images using window light
Whimsical images using window light-Final

Go check out the post here. The winning entries will win a  huge prize pack of candles, diffusers, soaps and lotions from The Aromatherapy Co.

All details can be found here. Good luck in the competition and making whimsical light!

Whimsical images using window light


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