Weekend in the Cotswolds – The Sunday Edition

February 28, 2016

Part 2 frolicking around the Cotswolds resumes right here! In the Sunday edition we go exploring an abbey, take a million stride-by photos outside tudor houses and fill our bellies with some good old-fashioned cakes. Sound good? It was! Come take a peek!

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury Abbey

After a rather awkward sleep (refer to the sleeping arrangements in my previous post), we awoke to a beautiful sunny morning in the Cotswolds!

We got our farm fresh goodies together and whipped up some delicious French toast served with lashings of maple syrup (I didn’t remember to bring any shampoo but did remember the maple! – #priorities).
Cotswolds Weekend - French Toast


Tewkesbury Abbey & Tewkesbury

Following our scrumptious breakfast, we headed over to Tewkesbury Abbey which is meant to be one of the largest parish churches in the UK.

On arrival we were greeted with this spectacular piece of architecture…

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury AbbeyThe inside is just as grand as the outside too. The huge ceilings, stained glass windows and ornate details make the space seem somewhat etherial!

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury AbbeyBut all this comes at a price!

Apparently for every minute the abbey is open it costs around ‎£5 – I’m not great a maths but according to my calculations that’s a staggering ‎£7.2k per day! Oh my!

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury AbbeyAfter we explored the inside of the abbey we went for a little wander out into the garden. It was so beautifully kept and signs of spring were popping up everywhere!

I guess rain is good for something!Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury AbbeyCotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury AbbeyWe left the abbey and went for a meander around the town which was was full of wobbly looking tudor buildings.

Cotswolds Weekend - TewkesburyMost of the tudor houses on the high street are owned by businesses now which is just as well because I can’t imagine how annoying it would be having nosey parkers like us peeking into your windows!

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury

One noticeable thing about the houses in Tewkesbury were the teen tiny doors.

Look at the picture below.

Mel isn’t tall (maybe 5.4?) and she wouldn’t even be able to fit through the door without ducking.

Riddle me this, were people just really small when these houses were built or were the houses purposefully built to be economically small?
Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury

After pondering over door sizes, we got in some more #strideby shots…

Followed by some really suspicious strange looks from the locals. I think they thought we were nuts walking back and forth throughout their town and I can’t really blame them!

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury


Chipping Campden

After our Tewkesbury adventure, we made our way to Chipping Campden where there was more over-use of the word ‘cute’.

Just look at the house below and you’ll be able to see why!

Cotswolds - Chipping Campden

The houses in Chipping Campden stole a little of my Scandi-loving heart. Maybe I will re-consider having a Scandi looking house if I could have a honey coloured limestone house with a thatched roof instead!Cotswolds - Chipping CampdenWe had a little look around town but we didn’t get very far because we were lured into Badger’s Hall Tea Room which had an abundance of little cakes and sweets lining their windows.

Before we had to make the difficult decision of choosing our cakes, we had some shepherds pie to warm us up. I normally love a good shepherds pie but this guy was one of the best I’ve had!

The perfect amount of gooey cheese with a nice crunchy top – just the way I like it!Cotswolds - Chipping Campden Then this happened….

Warm scones with clotted cream, dense ginger cake, lemon drizzle cake and a good cuppa tea!

Mmmmmm these little English towns know how to bake a good cake!
Cotswolds - Chipping Campden-3


Anne Hathaway’s House (As in Shakespeare’s wife, not the Devil Wears Prada)

Last stop on our itinerary was meant to be Warwick Castle, but we’d run out of time because we had spent too much time devouring cakes! Instead we headed over to Anne Hathaway’s house for a visit.

Cotswolds Weekend - Straford-Upon-Avon

Cotswolds Weekend - Straford-Upon-AvonWhy so many shots of the outside of her house you wonder?

Yes, that’s because it closed 5 minutes before we got there… CLOSED was the second most used word of the weekend (after CUUUUTE)! Cotswolds Weekend - Straford-Upon-AvonWhilst it was a bit of an anti-climax, we were so use to seeing closed signs everywhere that we thought it was only fitting that our last destination be closed too!

Of course all those closed signs didn’t stop us from having a fabulous weekend together celebrating Mel’s last weekend in the UK! Here is a little wrap up of the weekend:


Cotswolds Weekend Stats:

Amount of red seedless grapes consumed: 2kg

No of classic Aussie songs listened to: 140

Photos taken of Antonella with ducks: 50

Times we wished that the internet was working to see if things were OPEN: 20

Times the word ‘CUUUUUTE’ was used: 4,000

Cotswolds Weekend - Tewkesbury

I can’t wait to get back in spring to see more of the Cotswolds. Hopefully things will be more OPEN but just as CUUUUTE!  :p

Cotswolds Weekend

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