Columbia Road Flower Market

April 9, 2016

If you want flowers in London then everyone knows that you should rise and shine when the birds start chirping and get yourself over to the Columbia Road Flower Market!

Columbia Road Flower Market-7Columbia Road Flower Market-18 Last weekend I dragged poor Mr TUQ out of bed early and we popped on a tube (or two or three because of the #standard London weekend track work) and headed over to the flower markets in search of some fresh blooms!

Columbia Road Flower Market

The flower market is located in the hip part of East London (the Surry Hills/ Darlinghurst of Sydney!) and stretches all the way down Columbia Road. It usually runs from 8am to 2pm-ish – the early bird gets the best pick of the crop however after 2pm you can pick up a real bargain!

Columbia Road Flower Market

When you get to the beginning of the market it feels as though the whole of London has decided to come to the flower market early Sunday morning. Be prepared to shuffle, apologise profusely for stepping on people’s toes and  politely nudge your way into the stalls (TIP: holding your cash out like you’re a bar definitely helps!).

Columbia Road Flower Market-28This little guy had the right idea… pity Mr TUQ wasn’t volunteering to put me on his shoulders!

Columbia Road Flower MarketOh and speaking of cash… this is one of the rare places in London that doesn’t do a good ol’ tap and go on your bank card. Bring cash with you (but not too much incase you are tempted to spend it all… you can really get carried away in the moment with all the wheeling and dealing!).

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

There are so many bloomin’ good deals – usually you can get three bunches for £10 for the in-season flowers which happen to be tulips, anemones and hyacinths at the moment. Anemones

I did hope that peonies season would have arrived but I’m was a tad early!


There’s also a range of bulbs, seeds, herbs and cacti to choose from too. I picked up a some more cacti twins – the newest editions to my plant family are Spike and Fred!

People also come to buy small trees, palms and small bushes. On the back to the tube all you can see are legs and plants walking towards you!

And when need a break from the jam packed market, duck off to the side streets where there are an abundance of coffee shops, pot plant stores and independent furniture and design stores along the side of the markets.

Columbia RoadColumbia Road

How chic is this little gal drinking her carrot juice – definitely a nice reward after making it to the other end of the market!

Columbia Road Flower Market

If you head one street over you leave the bedlam and find yourself between some cute London houses and ‘Jesus Park’ (that’s literally the name of the park!)…

I made Mr TUQ get some happy snaps to document our first lovely SPRING weekend in London!
Columbia Road Flower Market

Jacket: Zara and similar here // Top: Banana Republic // Jeans: Nobody // Sunglasses: Quay // Glittery Shoes: Michard Ardillier Columbia Road Flower Market-17

Columbia Road Flower Market-19

As a little bribery to Mr TUQ for patiently waiting while I shuffled through the markets, we scooted off for a little Lobster lunch.

Lobster Bar

If you like the look of this then you’ll want to come back to see the whole clawfully good lobster feast on the blog soon!


The Columbia Road Flower markets are open every Sunday (rain, hail or shine) – definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in London for the day!

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