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Block Table – Chic Storage Space

December 21, 2016

While I’m sure most females were shopping for clothes on Black Friday, I was stalking down Scandi pieces on interiors websites.
Come Monday, the boxes were slowly piling up in our hallway and I think Mr TUQ was severely concerned at exactly how much shopping I did!

Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray
Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray
Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray

I was so busy that I hadn’t had a chance to unpack everything but when this particular package arrived I couldn’t help but open it straight away!

I’ve basically been coveting this block table since I first saw it in The Design Chaser‘s beautiful home.

Normann Copenhagen Bloc TrayIt’s such a versatile piece that will also act as a great extra bench/ table if you’re struggling for space in your home.

Ideas for using the Block Table for extra storage space:

NUMBER 1. Use it as a liquor cart when friends come over for a tipple.

NUMBER 2. Add on a little extra side table beside your couch so you can serve people a little coffee or tea.

NUMBER 3. Can’t put up shelves above your desk and not enough room for a bookcase? Store your magazine files on the bottom and desk accessories on the top.

NUMBER 4. Got kiddies? Use it to store all their toys and wheel them out of a room in a hurry.

NUMBER 5. Or use it as a bedside table like I’m currently using it for. Pop your lamp and some ornamental decorations on the top tray and your books on the bottom tray.

Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray
Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray

Candle holder here and here // Melting Cup // Fox Mask 

To be honest it kind of reminds me of a tea lady cart but obviously way more chic! It will more likely get used as a cocktail cart but at the moment it’s happily sitting by my bed.

I bought the grey version but there are many different colours available to suit your home. As luck would have it, they are currently on sale here!

I’ve also linked a few retailers that stock the Bloc Table below:

Block Table - Light Grey

Light Grey

Block Table - Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Block Table - Green





Hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely few days over the Christmas break. Enjoy your last few days of 2016!Normann Copenhagen Bloc Tray

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