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A magical food experience at The Fat Duck

March 20, 2016

If you are a foodie then visiting Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant is like Veruca Salt being let loose in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

We were lucky enough to be able to join our friends Jen & Aaron after they stumbled across a free afternoon lunch seating for the four of us!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

Without totally ruining the fantasy for those of that you want to visit the Fat Duck one day, I’m going to show you some of the highlights from our Heston Blumenthal food adventure!

So… enter into Heston’s childhood where he takes you on a journey full of playful memories full of curiosity, discovery and adventure..The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal


The Day Before We Go on our Adventure: Are we nearly there yet?

Before we started our meal, we went to the wine cellar which was hidden behind a bookcase (naturally) past the Melbourne clock.

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

The cellar would make a sommelier feel like they had died an gone to heaven with the huge showcase of wines!

The Fat Duck - Heston BlumenthalAfter we’d picked ourselves a nice Malbec, we sat down and started Heston’s childhood journey with a few little mouth tantalisers and a little welcome cocktail.

First off was a little sweet beetroot ball with horseradish cream with the texture of a little volcanic rock. As soon as you put it in your mouth it disintegrated into a sweet beetroot delight!

The Fat Duck - Heston BlumenthalThen we had a little ‘french onion soup’ straight from the garden with a mix of dried, fried, pureed and mousey onions!The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

Our welcome cocktail was a real treat!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

You chose your cocktail flavour and they turn this into a little ice-cream liquid nitrogen ball right before your eyes! You pop it in your mouth and it collapses into a delicious one-bite cocktail (mine was gin & blood orange flavoured)!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail


Morning: Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time

Then the lights changed from the purple coloured sky and it was time to rise and shine for the morning!

What do you start the morning with?

Breakfast of course!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

We picked a small packet of cereal (the kind we use to have as special treats on holidays!)… with a twist of course! I chosen the ‘Queen of Quackers’ and we all got a little money box inside which we had to put in a pound for a treat later on!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

We tipped crispy bacon tasting quackers onto our ‘full english’ breakfast which was a custard with flavours of bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and tomatoes!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail


Mid-morning: First one to see the sea…

After breakfast it was time to head to the sea for some fresh air!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal CocktailThe iconic ‘Sound of the Sea’ was served up. We plugged in our earphones and were instantly swept out to sea with some tantalising raw fish, sand and foam.

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

A trip to the sea wouldn’t be complete without an ice-cream or two.

First a cyclone icy (tea smoked salmon wrapped in a avocado and horseradish twirl), then a rocket icy (waldorf salad layers of apply, celery and grape, topped with some walnuts), followed by an ice-cream (crab mouse!)The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

Then we went to visit the rock pools to see if we could find anything interesting.

I found a crab!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal CocktailBut sadly he got washed out to sea (this had to be one of the most delicious and beautiful meals of the day – a delicious rich crab bisque!).The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail


Afternoon: If you go down to the woods today…

After our adventure to the sea we headed to the misty woods. As we wandered further into the woods we were able to smell the leaves and woody tones of the forest (love a good dry-ice showdown!).
The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

We ate some wild mushrooms from the forest including some truffles and mushroom jelly accompanied by some delicious ‘dirt’.The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Cocktail

Then we tried the mock turtle soup.

This English soup was created in the mid 18th Century as a cheaper tasting alternative to green turtle soup (poor turtles!).

The Fat Duck - Heston BlumenthalThe gold tea leaf tea bag disintegrated into a delicious soup which we poured over our egg and ate with finger sandwiches! The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal


Evening: Are you ready for dinner?

Whilst we were pretty stuffed by this stage, it was time for dinner!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

First course was a prawn cocktail, followed by duck l’orange and a duck cigar. I normally steer clear of duck (we use to have very cute duck called pate) so this wasn’t my favourite part of the dinner but then this arrived…

The Fat Duck - Heston BlumenthalAnd I quickly forgot all about the duck!

This cheese and biscuit board was utterly delightful. Each mouthful had a different taste and texture – grape ice-cream, creamy blue cheese mouse, macarons, pear sorbet and a crumbly biscuit crumble.

I’m salivating just thinking about it!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

After dinner we had an aperitif… or two or three. If you like whisky like me, then you would love these wine (or whisky) gummies. They taste exactly like the real whisky varieties and even have that nice warm sensation when they slide down your throat!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal


Bedtime: Off to the Land of Nod

The lights were dimmed and after a wonderful adventure it was time for bed!

A spinning pillow was brought out with little pillow puffs on top of lullaby machine (a word of warning – don’t stick your hand between the pillow and the machine like we did. It comes down with a huge thud and all the little pillows will tumble off and the whole restaurant will look at you!).

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

Then we finished up with a dessert cloud –  coconut sorbet, vanilla bean panna cotta, lavender and earl grey tea flavours with some frozen yoghurt – a perfect blend of flavours to send you off to sleep!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal

I’ll happy eat all my dessert with a fluffy spoon from now on!The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal


And then to dream…

After we we were safely tucked up in our beds it was time for some dreaming.

As children of course we dreamt of going crazy in candy shops! We took the pound we had collected in our money box earlier and spent it at Heston’s lolly shop!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal Once you put the pound into the dolls house, it reveals an elaborate custom made mini bedroom, lolly shop and individual drawers which dispense sweets for you to take home with you. More expected delights and delicately crafted chocolates!

The Fat Duck - Heston Blumenthal-44

As an adult I think this is probably the magical food experience that I’ve ever had – not quite Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to being Violet Beaureguarde!

Of course I felt like an oompa loompa after all that food but it was an amazing day and thank you Jen, Aaron & Mr TUQ for sharing this food extravaganza!The Fat Duck - Heston BlumenthalBook your food adventure to the The Fat Duck here!

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