7 month pregnancy update

October 15, 2018

The last 28 weeks have absolutely flown by with baby on board. Today marks week 29 and that means we only have about 11 weeks until baby arrives! 

I have really  enjoyed reading other people’s blog posts and watching tonnes of youtube videos about what to expect from each trimester. Being my first baby, I’m bumbling my way through but it would be fun to share my experiences nonetheless i.e. these are just things happening to me. I’m about as far from being an expert as humanly possible.

First trimester

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - Little Bean


  • Firstly doing a pregnancy test around 5 weeks and finding out I was pregnant! I came out of the bathroom and just looked at Mr TUQ in shock. He was very excited straight away but it took me a bit more time to process that there was a tiny being growing inside me!
  • Seeing baby on screen for the first time at our 8 weeks scan. Mind you, it looked like a kidney bean by this stage. There were some ‘buds’ coming through which were the start of little arms and legs.


  • Not being able to eat anything healthy. I completely went off greens, chicken (randomly my blood group says I shouldn’t eat chicken) and anything resembling health!
  • Googling every single ache or pain to see if something bad was happening to the little bean.
  • I did tell my parents about 6 weeks into my pregnancy and a few close friends before 12 weeks so I didn’t feel too ‘lonely’. I figured if something bad happened to our little bubba then these are the people that I would want to talk to about it. When we told my mum, she responded with, “Do you think you’re pregnant or do you know you’re pregnant?” – classic nursing mum, we still tease her about it.
  • Dry skin on my face and also oily hair. I was washing my hair everyday around 8-10 weeks which was very annoying. Luckily it didn’t hang around for too long. I also went back to using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser which is a super basic but soothing moisturiser which is free from alcohol, parabens, fragrances etc.
  • Oh and lots of gas and bloating… the unglamorous side of pregnancy.  I blame the baby (and the cheese diet).
  • While I was never physically sick, I still had nausea from 6 to about 10 weeks. Think being on a boat and swaying from left to right all the time. I know friends who had morning sickness throughout their whole pregnancy and I can’t even imagine how punishing that must be. I also was exhausted from about weeks 8 – 12. Poor Mr TUQ would come home to find me asleep on the couch or in bed and then have to wake the grizzly bear (me) and try to feed me.


  • Cheese & pasta, cheese & crackers, cheese on bread, bread and butter was on the menu daily.
  • Orange juice and oranges.
  • Ice blocks – mainly calippos in orange & lemon flavours.

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - Write to Me-3
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - Jellycat

Helpful things:

  • Preggie pops – these are just sour lollies which saved me, especially on journeys to and from the office. I also tried Gin Gins which are ginger lollies – I remember stuffing a whole pocket in my mouth on one of my ‘bad days’. My preference was definitely the Preggie Pops and anything sour, like sour worms.
  • I really couldn’t drink water in the first trimester so I found infusing it with lemons and oranges was really helpful.
  • My naturopath. To say I she’s worth the money is an understatement. Firstly, she diagnosed my hashimotos at the beginning of my pregnancy and she’s been so wonderful helping me manage this, my diet and supplements.
  • My Bump book from Write to Me has been a great way to record all the ups and downs of my pregnancy. We have put in all our ultrasound pictures which I hope we can show our little baby one day.
  • I have two pregnancy apps. One isthe Bump app which is great for weekly updates and reading other mum’s questions. I also have the Pregnancy + app which allows you to see the size of the baby by fruit, animal and sweets (my bubba is the size of a bunny this week) and create lots of lists. It also has a kick counter and contractions monitor for later on.
  • Mr TUQ! What a lifesaver Mr TUQ was in the first and second trimesters. Throughout the first trimester he basically cooked every meal while I just slothed around on the couch. I couldn’t be around the smell of raw onions, garlic or raw meats so he basically assumed all cooking duties. Then to top it off, some nights I’d say I wanted one thing, he’d go to the effort of cooking it and then I’d just end up eating some cheese and crackers… We didn’t promise in “sickness and in health” in our wedding vows but he has definitely shown what a good nurse he can be!

Second trimester

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 16 weeks

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - Second Trimester

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 18 weeks
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 18 weeks
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 22 weeks
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 22 weeks


  • Seeing the baby again at our 13 week scans. Thankfully we were all clear for our Prenatal Testing and got to find out the gender of the baby. I felt like the arrival of the baby was going to be a big enough surprise so we wanted to find out as soon as possible!
  • I have an anterior placenta which means I couldn’t feel the ‘flutters’ some people get from about 16 weeks. But by about 20 weeks, I started to feel baby kicking and soon after Mr TUQ got to feel the little kicks too. Now he has full dance parties – have a look at the baby highlights on my insta-stories and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Mr TUQ starting to read books to baby. By 18 weeks, the apps said baby could now hear and recognise our voices. I knew he’d probably be sick of me speaking all day so our friends recommended buying some books and getting Mr TUQ to read to baby ever night. His favourite books on rotation are Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, Five Little Ducks and Good Night, Sleep Tight. If he is awake, he gives Mr TUQ a good kick of appreciation when he reads to him which Mr TUQ absolutely loves.
  • Our 20 week anatomy scan was the best because we got to see baby wiggling around 3D (again see it on my insta-stories ). For me, this sealed the deal that I loved this little being growing inside of me – squidge!
  • By 20 weeks I started doing a bit of shopping for baby. Oh my goodness it’s been so much fun shopping for teeny tiny outfits. It can be a bit of a minefield knowing what to shop for so I’ve been asking lots of mums about ‘necessities’ for their newborns because there is a lot of stuff that I feel you get up-sold as first time parents.
  • Being able to exercise again! I started baby yoga at around 16 weeks which I was skeptical about but I really enjoy it. I also started my kettle bells again, I just have to remember to take it easy and not go into full HITT mode.


  • Not feeling or perhaps more correctly, not looking ‘pregnant’. I put on 10 kg in the first trimester which I put down to my brown food and cheese diet #oops. I attribute this to making me expand sidewards rather than outwards and getting a nice pair of love handles. But realistically, this was probably the way I was always going to grow throughout my pregnancy. I can’t even get my old boyfriend jeans over my hips which means my hips have expanded and baby is sitting low. This also means my bump has been rather small.  I did smile at around 26 weeks when someone asked me if I wanted a seat on the bus. It felt like a big milestone!
  • I’ve had a bit of lower back pain but nothing major. It’s nothing a heat pack and a bath can’t fix.
  • Sunburn! Ahhh, Mr TUQ and I went away to Byron for our one year anniversary and I burnt the bump! I should’ve realised that this new skin was very precious and despite wearing sunscreen, it shouldn’t have had so much time in the sun.The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 20 weeks


  • More oranges at the beginning of the trimester. At the end of the trimester I saw white nectarines for $24/kg (ouch) and decided that I must eat them all!
  • Dairy and calcium. More cheese but also yoghurt. I also started drinking decaf coffee with A2 milk in the mornings again after a 12 weeks hiatus off all coffee.

Helpful Things: 

  • Dr Maria Boulton’s ‘Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy‘ handbook. I had the pleasure of meeting Maria through work and she gave me her book. It’s simple, easy to read and goes through all the important things you need to know through each trimester.
  • Nanna naps. There have been weeks where I can only assume that baby has growing and it’s made me so tired. So on the weekends, I’ve been taking advantage of nanna naps. I just lie on the couch, watch a bit of gossip girl and doze off for a “well earned” snooze.
  • Baths. Throughout winter I’ve loved a good soak in the tub with some lovely Salus Rose Bath Oil. Not only has it soothed any sore back pains but it’s also been great to keep my skin nice and moisturised.
  • My other saving grace has been my Salus Patchouli and Rose Ultra Moisture Body Oil. I slather this gorgeous oil all over bump and the rest of my body too. It’s kept my skin nice and soft and prevented any stretch marks so far – touch wood!

Third trimester

Well technically I’ve only just arrived at the third trimester so I don’t have much to report yet. I’ll probably update you guys in a few more weeks when baby has grown a bit more.

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 28 weeks
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - 28 weeks


  • Fixing up baby’s room. Mr TUQ and I went nuts the other day cleaning out the spare room. We cleared out and reorganised my wardrobe and emptied the side board to make room for baby’s things. I’ve ordered a tonne of bits and bobs for his nursery which has had a fresh coat of paint. I can’t wait to share pics with you soon.
  • Hiccups – baby’s not mine! I felt the baby hiccup for the first time the other morning. It was such a funny feeling and we had a good chuckle at poor baby’s expense! Apparently this is a good sign that the baby is neurologically developed enough to survive outside mum’s belly.


  • Acid reflux. It sounds as charming as it actually feels. This annoying symptom just started in the last week and I’ve been eating like a bird at dinner because it’s so painful. My naturopath gave me some slippery elm this weekend which seems to have helped. I mix it with some hot water and then drink it with cold milk and some milo.


  • Still loving the $24 white nectarines but nothing else strange just yet. I’m back to eating most things but still prefer carby/ starchy foods over healthy foods.

Helpful things: 

  • We have booked into a Calm Births prenatal class – but obviously I’ll have to report back on whether I think it’s worth it!
  • Getting organised. So many people have told me to be ready for baby’s arrival from 35 weeks. We started doing the room when I was about 26 weeks and I’m glad we started then because bump really does get in the way!

The Urban Quarters Pregnancy
The Urban Quarters Pregnancy - Write to Me

If you made it to the end, congratulations! It’s a long read but as I said, I have loved reading peoples bump updates. If you have any helpful tips for packing hospital bags or things to have ready at home for baby (pre packaged meals etc) then please let me know!

Jinny & the bump x

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