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5 bathroom decor ideas to refresh your bathroom

August 15, 2016

Whether you live in a rental property or a bathroom renovation isn’t on the cards right now, you can still create an inviting sanctuary to enjoy for your morning shower or your evening bath.

Give your bathroom a mini make-over and make it look fresh and stylish with these 5 simple bathroom decor ideas!

Bathroom Decor Ideas


My top 5 bathroom decor ideas:

Of course I probably should make the disclaimer that there is no point styling before you declutter! Sift through all your half empty bottles and jars and put everything you want to keep away in your bathroom storage. You’ll probably be amazed how a simple bathroom clean out can instantly refresh your bathroom.

So onto the fun part…


1: Soap & hand cream dispensers

I always make a point of having nice soap and a matching hand cream sitting on our basin. While there is nothing wrong with the soap from the local supermarket, having a nice soap dispenser on display will make your bathroom feel a little more luxurious.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

I’m a sucker for Aesop and how can you blame me? Aesop is an Aussie brand which I have used for years. Not only does it leave an uplifting and fresh smell in the bathroom, but it’s also full of nourishing and natural ingredients like orange peel and rose.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

The other option is to buy a refillable soap and hand cream dispenser. I’m in love with these marble soap canisters from Mette Dimmer (top left) but there are a range of options to suit your style.

Bathroom Decor IdeasTop L-R: Marble Containers (Image: Design Stuff)//Liquid Marsaille Soaps (Image:
Bottom L-R: Spa Series (Image: The White Company) // Grown Alchemist (Image: Ollie & Seb’s Haus)


2: Plants

Although I’m terrible at keeping plants alive, I love having plants in my home. They help purify the air and create that ‘outside-in’ feeling to your home.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Plants L-R: Mother in Law’s Tongue, Cactus, Coin Plant, Peace Lilly.

Some of the hardiest plants to have in your bathroom are Peace Lillies. They don’t need a lot of natural light, can survive on minimal TLC and grow quite quickly. Suits me to a T!

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Other great plants that don’t mind the humidity in your bathroom include Monsters leaves, Zanzibar Gems and Boston Ferns. Again, they can happily survive on filtered indoor light and occasional watering.

Bathroom Decor IdeasTop L-R:  Homes to  | Bottom L-R: Inside OutMonica Wang


3:  Skincare and perfumes.

I know I said de-clutter but now it’s time to find some pieces to give your bathroom that ‘spa at home’ feeling. Pick items that will look nice on display and will also suit your colour scheme and interior theme.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Keeping with my minimalist, monochrome theme, these items regularly feature on my bathroom windowsill:

  • An array of Jo Malone body lotions and oils. I absolutely love the packaging and the scent of Jo Malone. They are one of the nicest gifts to receive and are lovely on display!
  • Mr TUQs perfumes (I keep mine on my dresser because I’m worried about them getting too hot but Mr TUQ is less fussy).

Bathroom Decor Ideas


4: Shells

Shells and bathrooms – you might be thinking how cliche is that?

Whilst you might not be into a nautical themed bathroom, you will actually be surprised at how versatile shells look in a range of different interior styles.Bathroom Decor Ideas
My mum gave me this beautiful shell for my birthday some time ago and I’ve had it in my bathrooms for years. Find a nice big shell that stands up nicely and or put a cluster of shells and coral in a clear vase.


5: Candles

Well who doesn’t love a candle in their bathroom?

Having a relaxing bath with a candle burning is one of life’s simple pleasures! Fresh scented candles are also great to have burning in your bathroom when guests come over.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Some of my other favourite brands include Parlane, Glasshouse and Lustre Melbourne – the quality of these candles are fabulous. They burn right to the wick and fill the room with their scent. There is nothing more disappointing than a candle that only smells nice for one hot minute!

Bathroom Decor Ideas


Whilst technically not a decor item, it’s also worth investing in some good quality, fluffy bath towels. They last longer, don’t pull and are much more pleasant to use!

Bathroom Decor Ideas


Just for some re-assurance that these 5 decor items will suit any bathroom, I’ve picked some of my favourite bathrooms from my Pinterest account. Even though they are different interior styles, they all have elements of these bathroom decor items in them.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Top L-R: By Therese Knutsenno, Designen Wonen | Bottom L-R: Inside OutThe Block


Enjoy giving your bathroom its mini-makeover!

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