41 South Tasmania

June 11, 2015

After we farewelled the Pumphouse Point, we got back on the road and headed north to Launceston. On the way we did had a sneaky pit stop at 41 South Tasmania which is famous for breeding the most delicious Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon.

41 South Tasmania is one of the many farms, vineyards and restaurants that are on the ‘Tasmanian Tasting Trail’. Although this was the only place we visited, I’ve heard there are other really delicious places to visit too!

Salmon - On the Fence

After a sneaky salmon tasting, we bought some pellets to feed the salmon in the pond and were shocked at how big (and hungry) they were! I would say these guys gets get rather well fed with the amount of visitors that swing past the farm. Salmon - Pond

We also had some rather rude guests come peck at our feet for any leftover treats and wouldn’t leave us alone until we gave them a snack!Salmon - Geese

After feeding the salmon, we walked around the property and met some of the other cute and noisy farm yard friends.

Salmon - Ducks

Then we decided we were getting a bit peckish and so we ordered a lunch exclusively of….

Salmon -Lunch

Yes you guess it – smoked salmon! So smokey and delicious… I could eat this every single day! Salmon - Lunch2

And in the meantime, the  cute farm pups had cuddled up right next to us just in case anything ‘accidentally’ dropped off our plates (it did!).

Salmon - Puppy SItting

After lunch one of the pups got really attached to me and was following me around. He then decided we were best friends and jumped up on me to give me a big puppy cuddle and lick the rest of the salmon on my face!
Salmon - Puppy Collage

Salmon - Puppy3I wish I could have snuck him home, but I get the impression this is one of the best fed dogs in the world and he probably doesn’t want to leave!

Full of salmon, we bid the pups and salmon farewell and drove off in the sunset to our last stop on our Tasmanian journey, Launceston. Hold tight, there is lots more autumn leaves and country charm coming you way!

Salmon - On the Fence3


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