That’s a wrap 2015!

January 8, 2016
I’m a little late to the party but I couldn’t help but spend a little time here on the blog wrapping up a very a momentous 2015 and sharing some of the major milestones of this amazing year!

So I’ll cut to the chase (because I do love a good waffle)… in no particular order, here are the highlights of 2015!


Started The Urban Quarters

Although I’ve been talking about it for ages, last year I got my mojo together and started a blog… I’ve always been a creative person so I bit the bullet and decided that 2015 would be the year that I share what I eat, see, love with you lovely people!
Starting my blog has been one of the most challenging, yet amazing things I’ve ever done… And to top it off, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly talented individuals from all around the world. These people consistently inspire me travel to new places, try new recipes and create beautiful content. See some of my IG friends below:


 The Stylists: / @homestilj /@whistleandawhim / @stephsterjovski
The Stylists
The Ladies in Pink: @jodianne_ / @aprilsloves / @kelleywithlove

Ladies in Pink

The Travellers: @thenomadictraveller / @theaggiediaries / @jay_dayley_photography

The Travellers

The Foodies:  @katnt  / @koentadyy / The Foodies
The Makers: @lustre_melbourne / @onetinytribe / @averytrend / @inkycoThe Makers


Moved overseas to London 

Somewhere in between working and spending my weekends down at the beach, we announced to everyone that were on the move! Mr TUQ got a transfer with work and within weeks he was on a plane to London! I followed shortly after and together we started to put roots down in our new home in London.
I’ve been lucky enough to be Dora the Explorer in London for the past couple of months and have scoured every gallery and museum top to bottom, ‘brunched’ all across town in search of the best cafes and somedays walked a good 20km meandering around the city (and idly stood outside many houses taking pictures of doors!). Unfortunately now it’s time to join back the real world and find myself a job but wow do I feel refreshed and grateful to be able have had this opportunity.
Moved to London


Visited the Fat Duck

Getting a table at the Fat Duck is like telling a foodie that they’ve won the lottery! With thanks to one of my friends Aaron, I had the pleasure of getting to experience Heston Blumenthal’s childhood memories via food at his three michelin star restaurant! I won’t share too much as I did take my camera along with me and need to process the 1,000 photos I took. Here  is a little teaser of our food adventure in the meantime!

The Fat Duck


Had my first Christmas away from home

Mr TUQ and I spent our first Christmas away from our families which felt very strange and a little sad… we tossed up going to a hotel for Christmas lunch but it didn’t quite feel right since we are used to spending the day outside with family and friends, swimming, eating prawns and cherries and drinking champagne.
London Christmas
As a substitute we opted for a morning boris bike ride through the quiet streets of London… In the rain of course… Once we defrosted, we bundled ourselves into our Christmas jumpers, popped a bottle of champers, and cooked a 2.3kg turkey (I feel sick just thinking about our food coma).
London Christmas


Had my first white Christmas (almost)…

Although we didn’t get a white Christmas in London, we jetted off to the Swiss Alps and had a second Christmas with our friends Jeff and Amanda from New York! Whilst everyone seemed to be complaining about the lack of snow in Switzerland this year, I was in snow angel heaven! Having grown up in Australia, I’ve only ever skied on teeny tiny mountains in comparison and I was totally gobsmacked by the beauty of the alps… more photo processing to come on this too!
Laax Swiss Alps


So that’s a wrap to 2015!

What a fantastic year and although there definitely were tears and tantrums along the way, I can truly say it’s been one of the most defining years of my life so far!

Happy 2016

To anyone that has reached the bottom of this list (and who consistently reads to the bottom of my 800 something words) – thank you for following me on my journey and all that’s left to say now is… wishing you all a bright and momentous 2016!

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