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W… is for Wallpaper

November 16, 2015

When I say wallpaper you might think of frilly, floral pink or stained striped walls that you remember seeing in your Grandma’s house… however rest assured, the talented Dan Heath is here to put all your wallpaper phobias aside.

Dan Heath WallpaperThe lovely team at In The Window invited me to visit Dan Heath’s workshop to see him create one of his bespoke, handprinted wallpapers which feature in swanky establishments and hotels throughout London, Scandinavia and New York.

Daniel Heath Wallpaper

Dan’s studio is at the Blackhorse Workshop which is about 30 minutes from the heart of London. The Blackhorse Workshop is a public space which provides the equipment and on-site assistance to amateurs all the way through to a professionals to come in and create copper lights, wooden sideboards and large artworks.

Blackhorse Workshop

Picture //  In The Window (above)

Before we got to see the master at work, we were invited to indulge ourselves with an array of treats including customised In the Window cupcakes from Dinah’s Desserts….

CupcakesBaileys and cream and oreo cookie cheesecakes from Moreish and Peanut Butter and Almond Propper Corn…


Proper CornAnd of course this was all washed down with some mango juice with a kick of cayenne pepper from Nix & Kix just to balance out the sugar high were all happily on!

Nix & Kix Drinks

Upstairs we got down to business and Dan showed us the meticulous process involved in creating some of his designs. He then encouraged us to get out hands dirty and help him print his Colonial Indian Peacock wallpaper.

Peacocks Screenprint

The print has two layers which had been hand drawn onto nylon mesh screens. For the first layer of the print, we took a glittery gold colour and used the paddle to firmly swipe the paint across the screen several times.

Peacocks Screenprint

Peacocks Wallpaper

Despite having twenty odd people heating up the studio, the paint does take quite a while to dry so we had to whip out some small heaters to get a wriggle on! Then we took the second screen and printed some incredibly detailed peacocks in a beautiful aquamarine colour over the top.

Peacocks Wallpaper

And here is the final result!

Peacocks Wallpaper

Being the novices that we are, the first and second prints didn’t align perfectly (you’re probably looking at the guilty culprit)… but we thought it made the print more unique and we were all pretty chuffed with the result!Peacock Wallpaper

Dan said you only have to make the mistake of misaligning your screens once as the memory (and the time and cost) of making a boo boo on your 6th metre of wallpaper really does stick in your mind!


Of course the really messy part is cleaning up all the paint and the screens at the end but Dan kindly excused us of this duty for the night (phew)!

Some of Dan’s other amazing prints include this Onyx Skyline design (an art deco lover’s dream!).

Onyx Skyline Wallpaper

Onyx Skyline Wallpaper

And one his oldest and most popular prints is this Hire Wire print which has been printed in an array of colours for hotels, shops and even kiddies bedrooms.
High Wire WallpaperDan generously allowed us to take a copy of this print home and whilst I have to find a frame for it, it is currently being used as a perfect backdrop for my copper beauties.
Wallpaper - High Wire
Having been a part of the process to curate this wallpaper,  it really does make you appreciate the love and time that goes into creating such bespoke, hand-crafted wares. Thank you to Dan for giving me a new appreciation of wallpaper and take all ‘granny-esque’ associations with wallpaper out of my mind!

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