The Urban Quarters Christmas Gift Ideas

December 7, 2016

Fa la la la la…

I do love this time of year! So many wonderful festive celebrations and also a time to give a little (or a big) gift to people you love!

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite gift ideas for home lovers, people with wanderlust and fellas in your life. Buying gifts for the people in your life can be stressful, and it can be not only to choose what gift to get them but also what to choose from the hundred different versions of gift items out there, for example, trying to choose from best cordless vacuums, so it’s good to do some research before you decide to buy. I own lots of these pieces and the others are things I am lusting over (Mr TUQ take note!). Hope this provides you with some inspiration!



You might have heard me rant on about linen tablecloths before and this one is my latest obsession. We lover our salt & pepper grinders and they are making their way into the homes of most of our family now too! They’re functional but they are also about 100 times better looking than a standard grinder.

Christmas Gift Guide - Home Ideas1. Candles // 2. Candleholder here or here // 3. Salt & Pepper Grinders here or here // 4. Matt Black Cutlery // 5. Linen Tablecloth



We recently bought a second desk so I’m in need of a new desk chair, This one is my absolute favourite because 1) it’s from Hay and 2) it’s pink (the technical colour is actually coral but I digress)!

If you read my desk post then you know I love keeping organised and use this weekly organiser every week. If you’re a list lover like me then a new note book never goes astray either!

Christmas Gift Guide - Office Ideas1. Laptop Case // 2. Weekly Organiser // 3. Notebooks // 4. Desk Chair // 5. Magazine Organiser



Who doesn’t love a little tipple? I love these champagne saucers and I’m so glad they’re back in vogue again. Speaking of crystal, who wouldn’t resist a pinky/purple decanter?

I think drink carts can be a bit garish but this Block Table is great to mix old world with new world minimalism.

Christmas Gift Guide - Cocktail Lover Ideas

1. Champagne saucer here and here // 2. Gin & Tequila Decanter here and here // 3. Coasters // 4. Block Table // 5. Bottle Opener // 6. Wine Opener



I recently lost my passport in Florence and my proper replacement passport is due to be back in my safe little hands again this week! I’m going to get a passport holder to make sure that I keep it safe! This one can be monogrammed to make it even more special.

How cute it this little fox eye mask? I always take an eye mask with me on long flights so I can get a little shut eye. It smells of lavender too to help you get some zzzzs.

Christmas Gift Guide - Wanderlust & Traveller Ideas1. Monogrammed Passport Holder // 2. Gold Scratch Map // 3. Fox Eyemask // 4. Jetset Toiletries // 5. Cereal Guides



Mr TUQ is a mad cyclists so lots of things on his wishlist usually revolve around his bike or cycling. He has also recently decided he would like to start making his own home brew… a fun but practical gift too!

Christmas Gift Guide - For Him Ideas1 . Beer kit // 2. Bicycle Cufflinks // 3. Headphones // 4. Card holder // 5. Pyjama Bottoms



I could have filled this page with 1000 things but here are just a few things I’d happily like in my stocking (if I didn’t already own half of them!). I love my marble phone case (mine’s in the middle) but I’m thinking that a pink marble case would look great on my phone!

If you live in the northern hemisphere then you can’t go wrong gifting a hot water bottle to take the chill off these cold winter days. Speaking of water bottles, this charcoal water bottle may seem a little strange as a gift but I absolutely despise water and having this charcoal in the water purifes water and also makes it taste much better too! Win-win!

Christmas Gift Guide - Stocking Filler Ideas

1. Hot Waterbottle // 2. Marble Phone Cases // 3. Melting Mug// 4. Copper Coathangers // 5. Charcoal Waterbottle // 6. Ribbon Bow Socks // 7. Key ring


Now I have to go finish off my Christmas shopping too! Keep your eyes peeled for my free printable Christmas Cards & Gift Tags coming soon!

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