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Design Junction 2016 – London Interior Design At Its Best

October 4, 2016

London has been a buzz over the last couple of weeks. In and amongst girls running around in frilly frocks for London Fashion Week, the city was also decorated in sculptures and installations for the 2016 London Design Festival.

Design Junction 2016Lucky I have a design fairy godmother (also known as We Blog Design). With a wave of her wand, she granted me an admit 1 into the 2016 Design Junction. Unfortunately there wasn’t a pumpkin that turned into a coach, but I get swept away by this interior design show.

Design Junction is a modern version of an interiors trade show. Contemporary interior designers dazzle Londoners with their new collections of lights, furniture and home technology so they can enjoy them in their homes and office spaces.

Design Junction 2016This year the show was held at Granary Square Kings Cross. The vibrant industrial setting was the perfect backdrop for this contemporary London interior design event! were literally 100s of designers at the show. I contemplated writing about every stand that I visited but then I realised we’d be here all day, maybe all week. So without further ado, I’ve handpicked some of my favourite stands from our tour to share with you.


Bethan Gray

When we walked into Bethan’s stand there was a lot of oohing and aching from the group.

Interior Design - Bethan GrayJust look at that pink stained table with embedded opalescent finishes on the rim and you’ll understand why!

Interior Design - Bethan GrayLaunched at Design Junction, Bethan’s latest collection is a collaboration with Iranian artist, Mohamed Reza Shaman.

The pieces in the Paua collection really glisten. That’s because each pieces of furniture has pieces of  paua abalone shell from New Zealand meticulously inlayed in the stained birds-eye maple.

Interior Design - Bethan GrayEqually beautiful, the pieces in the Nizwa collection use a technique called stain shading to create an ombre effect on each panel. As if that wasn’t dazzling enough, each piece has a brass overlay pattern to really set it off.

Interior Design - Bethan GrayIt’s a fabulous collection and my photos really don’t do it justice. If you can, I would recommend seeing when Bethan will be doing her next show and visiting the collection in person.


Icons of Denmark

Are you surprised that I was drawn to the stand that was decked out in Scandi style furniture?

Icons of Denmark were established in 2009 and they bring simplistic yet beautiful pieces of Danish furniture to the UK. Hallelujah!

Interior Design - Icons of DenmarkNot only do they work with designers to create chic, minimalistic inspired showrooms, but they also work with a lot of big corporations and hotels to create functional settings to inspire and delight users of the spaces.

Interior Design - Icons of Denmark
Interior Design - Icons of Denmark

One of my favourites pieces in their stand was the No. 1 sofa in the beautiful moss green colour (as seen above). I also had my eye on this pink chair for my desk. But knowing how clumsy I am, I’m sure it would surely end up  covered in calligraphy ink and watercolours. Sigh…

Interior Design - Icons of Denmark


Kirkby Design

Kirkby design are in the business of making fabrics. But these aren’t any ordinary poly-blend fabrics. Rather they are contemporary textiles in every colour and texture you can imagine.

Interior Design - Kirby DesignThe gorgeous Vicki from @StyleMinimalism

They had their 3D quilted fabrics on show and I fell in love with their modern take on 60s furniture. Their Cloud FR couches and seaters were made from velvet which was extremely plush. I could have easily put up my feet and had a snooze on this fine piece of furniture! It would be like sleeping on a cloud!

Interior Design - Kirby Design
Interior Design - Kirby Design

Top // White Jeans // Sunglasses – Thanks for the snap @decorbydelali!

If you like the look of these pieces then you’ll be interested to know they are releasing their 3D fabric cushions next month. I’ve put myself on the waiting list already!


Another Country 

I’ve heard a lot about the furniture from Another Country. It’s simple minimalistic design but they use the highest quality products and craftsmanship to shape their pieces. It probably won’t come as a surprise that the founder, Paul de Zwart, was also a founding publisher of Wallpaper* Magazine too.

Interior Design - Another CountryThis Desk 2 and Hardy Chair really took my fancy.  The timber was so smooth and the grain in the wood had these lovely big swirls through it.

Interior Design - Another CountryIf lighting is your jam then you should take a peek at these their modern take on mid-century lamps which are a lovely juxtaposition of brass and ceramics. So simple, yet such beautiful design right?

Interior Design - Another Country

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next year to visit all these London interior designers all in one place! However in  the meantime you can go follow them at @thedesignjunction and wait in anticipation of 2017!

You can also have a look at all the designers online, many have showrooms you can visit too!

Bethan Gray: 109 Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road London W2 5EU (by appt only)

Icons of Denmark: 1-2 St. Johns Path, Clerkenwell, EC1M 4DD, London

Kirkby Design: Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, London SW10 0XE

Another Country: 18 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 1BT

Interior Design - Kirby Design

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