Exploring Mykonos

November 10, 2015
In part two of my Mykonos trip I am reluctantly leaving behind the luxurious Bill & Coo suites but equally excited to show you around the rest of the island! (See the first post of the Bill & Coo suites here).

Mykonos Church

As we visited Mykonos in mid-October, it was the end of the season and so there weren’t many people around i.e. it’s a great time to come if you are after a relaxing mini break (and a lot of good snaps without the crowds) but not if you’ve come to party for 48 hours straight…
The locals said that early October is one of their favourite times of year because it’s still warm but the island becomes a lot quieter and the everyone is good spirits before they close up for the year!


…And after coming from the bustle of London, I couldn’t agree more! So sit back, relax and enjoy some shots from my Mykonos mini break!

Mykonos Church



We hopped on our moto (quad bike) and navigated our way to the beaches on the south end of the island. I use the term navigated loosely because there are not many road signs, lots of suspiciously narrow roads and at times you feel like you might just be driving through someone’s backyard.


First stop was at Platys Gialos beach which is more like a lovely bay, not many waves and crystal clear water – perfect for families and those who appreciate a little paddle in the water. The views were amazing and there are numerous boats that will take you out to sea to get another perspective of the bay.
Mykonos Beach

There are an abundance of restaurants hovering just behind all the beach beds and plenty of places to hire scuba diving and paddle boarding equipment for those who feel up to it!

Mykonos Beach


We were told Paradise Beach attracted the biggest crowds during the summer and by the looks of the island brochures, you can have a really good (and long) night down there! During the day, there are plenty of water sports facilities to hire and when you’re tired yourself out you can have a lie down on a beach bed for a little siesta.
Mykonos Paradise BeachAt night, the beach apparently turns into a huge nightclub (I can just see Australian life guards squirming at the thought!) and there is a camping ground just behind the beach for those keen party animals who want to roll straight out of bed to the bar (or vice versa)!Mykonos Paradise Beach


We tried to stop in at Nammos Beach which is meant to have a great beach bar but unfortunately they had just shut for the season and all that was there was a few cacti  ready to brave the cold winter. So that’s the end of that story….
Mykonos Nammos
Mykonos Nammos
Moving on….


Mykonos town (Hora) 

The thing I love about all the Greek Islands I’ve been to so far is the intricate web of cobbled laneways in the towns – of course Mykonos did not disappoint! Around every single corner are white buildings with pops of colours on the doors and balustrades.
MykonosIn town there are lots of little shops selling jewellery, turkish towels and little windmill souvenirs but you can also find you Louis Vuitton, Sephora and Helmut Lang stores for those of you that really want to shop!Mykonos
Once you weave your way through the streets, you get down to the waterfront which is lined with restaurants – whilst they might not offer the most gourmet meals you have ever tried, everything tastes better with views of a sparkling aqua bay!
MykonosMykonos Oh and you must track down some spanakopita cheese… it’s an oozier, less squeaky version of haloumi that is pan fried and crispy on the outside – YUM!Mykonos
There are also plenty of restaurants in the town however you might struggle to find your way to a particular place given there aren’t really any ‘street signs’…
We were recommended a traditional restaurant in town which was good, but I don’t think was as delicious as some of the meals we had in Santorini. Nevertheless, the ambience of dining outside with all the fairy lights and candles illuminating the street was really lovely!


From most of the western side of the island you can see the row of windmills sitting just on the outskirts of the town. Back in the day, they were used to process grains for the people on the island and also to ship offshore. Mykonos was definitely windy while we were there so I can see that this would have been a perfect place for the mills to twirl in the wind.
Mykonos WindmillMykonos Windmill


There are reportedly 800 churches in Mykonos and unlike Santorini where all the Church roof tops were blue, many of the churches in Mykonos had red roofs. I asked people in town and also tried to google why this was the case but no one could really tell me…. maybe someone over ordered on the red paint?
Mykonos ChurchMykonos Church



Not exactly something to add to your itinerary, but there are cats in every shape and size running around the streets of Mykonos and they definitely look cute amongst the painted cobbled streets.
Mykonos CatThey happily oblige if you want to get up close for a photo and will even waltz into restaurants and schmooze up against your leg in the hope of getting a little of your dinner. I personally love cats, but if you are allergic to cats like Mr TUQ, then bring your antihistamine tablets with you!Mykonos Cat Mykonos Cat


On that note, that’s a wrap of our 3 day Mykonos vacation! Now we have to stack on our winter woollies and wait another 7 months until we have a proper summer (although we will still be in London so I’m not sure how ‘summery’ it is going to be!).


Until next time, αντίο beautiful Mykonos!



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