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DIY – Origami Crane Mobile

July 6, 2016

I’ve loved folding origami ever since I was young. I suspect the Korean in me has somehow given me a natural gene for understanding how to fold pieces of paper into intricate little shapes!Origami Crane Mobile

One of my all time favourite shapes to fold is an origami paper crane. I once folded 1,000 miniature paper cranes for a wedding (which is a symbol of good luck) and so folding this shape is ingrained on my brain!

Origami Crane Mobile

Today I thought I’d share how to make an origami paper crane mobile with you. It’s great as a thoughtful gift but also to keep and hang around your own home!

I hang mine over my indoor plant because the cranes dance amongst the leaves but you can also hang them over your bed or windows and watch them sway in the wind! I feel relaxed even thinking about it!!

Origami Crane Mobile

Origami Crane Mobile


You will need:

6 x Mini folded paper cranes folded from 5cm x 5cm squares
1m x Clear fishing line
7 x Crimps
7 x Gold Beads (about 5mm wide)
A small needle with an eye that fits the fishing line
A pair of pliers

Note: I got all my little bits and bobs from a local beading shop but you should be able to get them from craft or beading stores.
If you don’t know how to fold a paper crane just google it and I’m sure you will find 10,000 tutorials! The only variation I’ve made to folding a normal crane is that I’ve just folded down the wings rather than pull them to puff up the body.

Origami Crane Mobile


1. Put a bead and then a crimp on the fishing line. Let them slide to the bottom of the line. Thread a small piece of the fishing line back through the crimp only. Use your pliers to secure the crimp in place.

Origami Crane Mobile Origami Crane Mobile Origami Crane Mobile


Step 2:

Thread your needle onto the fishing line. Take a crane and push the needle through the hole at the bottom of the crane and push it through the centre of the body. I put the darkest crane at the bottom and the lightest at the top but you can choose any colour combination!

Origami Crane Mobile Origami Crane Mobile

Origami Crane Mobile

Step 3:

Measure out about 8-10cm and then add another crimp and a gold bead. Again, use your pliers to secure the crimp in place. Then put on your next crane and let it slide down the fishing line.

Origami Crane MobileOrigami Crane Mobile

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 to 3 until you have all your cranes on the fishing line.

Origami Crane Mobile

Step 5:

You need to hang up your string of cranes so now you create a loop!

Measure out about 10-12cm and then string on a crimp, then a bead and then another crimp. Make a big loop with the fishing line and then thread the line back through the crimp, bead, crimp. Tighten both crimps so the bead is secure.

Origami Crane Mobile

Step 6:

That’s it! Easy, yet beautiful too! Find somewhere to hang your beautiful mobile and watch your cranes dance in the breeze!

Origami Crane Mobile

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