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DIY Christmas Stars

December 21, 2015

Hooray! It’s the Monday before Christmas and if you are lucky enough to have finished up work or school for 2015 then you are surely wrapping christmas presents and stuffing your bellies with mince pies and gingerbread!

DIY StarsFor those of you that find yourselves with some spare time on your hands, then these simple DIY Christmas stars will perfectly jazz up your house for Christmas!

DIY Origami Stars

You’ll only need some glue and some left over wrapping paper to whip up a myriad of starry options – use them to make a Christmas mobile, cute little decorations for the tree or stick them onto your Christmas presents to make them look extra special this year!

DIY Origami Stars


You will need (per star):

  • 5 Squares of paper (I’ve used this gorgeous wrapping paper from Inky Co).
  • Glue
  • String if you want to make them into decorations or a Christmas mobile
  • Sticky tape or washi tape if you want to stick them on top of a present.


DIY Origami Star

DIY Origami StarDIY Origami StarDIY Christmas Stars DIY Origami Stars DIY Christmas Star DIY Origami StarsDIY Christmas StarsDIY Christmas StarDIY Origami StarsDIY Christmas Star

DIY Origami StarDIY Christmas Star DIY Origami StarDIY Origami StarDIY Origami StarDIY Christmas StarDIY Christmas StarDIY Origami StarDIY Origami StarDIY Christmas Star
And this is what the completed stars look like!
DIY Origami Stars


Christmas Mobile:

For the Christmas mobile you’ll just need to tie some string or small ribbon to the back of the star.
DIY Christmas MobileDIY Christmas MobileThen you will have to measure a piece of cardboard a few inches short of your door. This will sit on the back of the door but I’ve covered mine in some pretty paper anyway!DIY Christmas MobileTie your stars to the cardboard hanger….DIY Christmas MobileAnd voila! Here is your beautiful Christmas mobile!
DIY Star Mobile


Christmas Decorations

For the Christmas decorations, tape some twine to the back of the stars and hang them up on your tree.DIY Christmas Decorations DIY Christmas Decorations


Christmas Gift Wrap

To use the stars to tszuj up your Christmas presents then just stick some washi tape onto the back of star and pop them on your presents! You will be sure to impress your friends and family with your pretty gifts!

DIY Stars DIY Stars


Now time to put on a little Christmas movie and finish wrapping my presents with all my stars!


Thank you to Inky Co for the beautiful paper used to make these festive stars! Explore their huge range of wrapping paper for birthdays, Christmas and any type of occasion here.

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