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DIY Advent Houses

November 28, 2015

Baby it’s cold outside… so why not stay inside and whip yourself up some advent houses just in time for the Christmas countdown!

Advent CalendarI am a self-diagnosed Christmas lover… I love baking gingerbread men, sprucing up the house with Christmas decorations and choosing the colour scheme for my Christmas presents! Basically the more festive, the better!

Advent Calendar

Christmas Decoration

To kick off the Christmas season, I’ve got a little DIY craft project for you to make advent houses to count down the 24 days until Christmas. For those of you that don’t have the patience for making 24 houses then don’t despair! Just make one house and use it as a little Christmas decoration or a gift box. So let’s get out your glue stick!

Advent HouseChristmas Decoration


You will need:


3 x A2 sheets of 160gsm+ white cardboard

1 x A2 sheet of 160gsm+ black cardboard

2 x A4 sheets of black paper

1 x A4 sheet gold glitter paper (I’ve used gold glitter sticker paper)

Printed Advent Templates (see below)


Cutting stuff: Box cutter/ Cutting mat / Scissors / Ruler

Sticky stuff: Ruler/ Strong hold glue / Sticky tape / Washi tape / Blue tack

Marking stuff: Pencil / Eraser / Pen / Thick black texta or thick calligraphy pen



Advent HousesStep 1:

You can attempt to make your own advent house templates however I’ve done the hard work for you and created four templates below. Just print the templates on A4 paper and you are ready to go!

House Template 1

House Template 2

House Template 3

House Template 4

I’ve used about 7 variations of houses so once you get confident cutting out your templates then you can modify the templates or create your own. You can also search pinterest for ‘advent houses’ or ‘house templates’ and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of variations!


Step 2

Use some bluetack to stick down your template to the cardboard and then take a sharp pencil or pen to trace around your template. I find it useful to push down a tab and mark a dot in the corner so it’s more precise when you come to cutting the paper.

Advent Template Advent Template

Step 3:

Cut out your house template.

Advent Template

Step 4:

Lightly score the template where the dotted lines were marked. If you are cutting your advent template for the first time then I would recommend using a pencil to light mark where you need to score and rub out the line once you’re done!
Advent Templates

Step 5:

Now time to get creative – cut out little shapes out of your black paper to make your windows and doors for your advent houses! Glue them down to you houses.

Advent Calendar Advent Calendar

Step 6:

Next step it’s time to fold the line where you have lightly scored. Then glue the tabs and your advent house will start to take shape! If you are impatient like me then feel free to add a bit of sticky tape on to stick down the tabs while the glue dries.
Advent House

Step 7:

Trace around the roof template and then cut it out. Lightly score the middle of the roof – this will be the pitch!

Advent House

Step 8:

Stick down one side of the roof to the tabs of the advent house. For the rectangular roofs this means sticking one side of the roof pitch down to three tabs and for the square/ rectangular roofs this means just sticking one side of the roof to one tab. If that doesn’t make sense – look at the pictures below in Step 9!

Advent House

Step 9:

Cut some washi tape the same size as the longest length of the roof. Fold it inwards into thirds to make a double sided tape. Stick this onto the tab and then stick down your roof.

Advent Houses Advent House

Step 10:

Use a pen (I’ve used a calligraphy pen) to mark out the numbers 1-24. Draw shapes around the numbers and then cut them all out.

Calligraphy Glue the numbers onto some glittery paper or sticker roll, leaving some space to cut around the shapes. Cut out the gold glitter shapes and then stick your numbers onto your advent house roofs!Calligraphy


You’ve made your first advent house and now all you have to do is stuff with some delicious treats!

Advent House

Advent House

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know what you’ll be making or baking for Christmas this year and be sure to tag me on instagram if you make an advent house @theurbanquarters !

Advent House

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