May 9, 2015

Why hello there!

My name is Jinny and I’m the wanderluster behind this blog, The Urban Quarters. This little space within the huge virtual world is for me to share all the things I love – roaming the world, filling my belly and styling my home.

After many months toing and froing about starting a blog, I woke up one day and decided to make it happen! Learning how to set up this blog has been a bit of a learning curve (read: moments of frustration and exhasperation) but I enlisted the help of a professional and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge! To anyone reading this – hello! So glad you have stumbled across my page to share my little space of wonder!


Where do I live?:

I moved to Sydney for uni when I was 18 and have been here ever since. I absolutely love traveling the world would love to live in another country at some stage!

Where can you find me on weekends?:

Aimlessly meandering around interior design stores, seeking out the best foodie joints in town and googling places for my next holiday.

My ultimate food weakness?:

This is a tough one but it would either be a hot cinnamon donut or freshly baked bread slathered in butter!

Can’t live without:

The internet! I love spending my free time getting lost in other people’s creative minds and seeing the world through the eyes of others!

And lastly…

I am a keen photographer (our household has 3 DSLRs, 2 film cameras, 1 polaroid camera + several i-something devices!) and one of those annoying people that won’t let you eat until I’ve taken a picture of your meal from every angle! All photos are mine (or Mr. The Urban Quarters) unless stated otherwise!

About Me 2

Enjoy wandering around!