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2017 Printable Calendar

January 14, 2017

2017 Printable CalendarI started making a 2017 printable calendar last year but then the in-laws arrived, there were Christmas festivities galore and life got a little crazy…

Now it’s the 14th day of January and I’m still calendar-less so I decided to finish it off, if only for me! But for those of you that are still adjusting to 2017 then hopefully you’re in need of a calendar too!

2017 Printable Calendar
2017 Printable Calendar
2017 Printable Calendar
2017 Printable Calendar
2017 Printable Calendar

Unfortunately it doesn’t have anything to do with the pantone colour of the year… To be honest I’m going to find it hard to embrace ‘Greenery-15-0343’. Instead it’s my typical faves. Pink, grey and monochrome. Swoon!


DIY Printable Calendar:

Here’s a sneak peek of what the calendar looks like. I really hope you like it as much as I do!


1. Download the free printable calendar HERE.

2. Print off your calendar on thicker cardboard.

3. I didn’t mark a hole punch in the paper because there are a few options to hang it up.

Hanging options:

  • Hang it up with a big paperclip
  • Get it bound
  • Punch some holes in it and use some ribbon as a hanger
  • Washi-tape two piece of the calendar at the top (i.e. back of Jan with front of Feb) and hang them over a coathanger.

Hope you fill your calendar with a tonne of exciting celebrations and events in 2017! Woop woop!

2017 Printable Calender

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